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Published: Friday 6th of September 2002 05:02:02 PM


Jim Hobgood
Great Great pose, Great expression, Great colors, Great lighting, Great Moment. Model and photographer seem to be very comfortable. I have come to expect this from you and you definitely have done it again. I would like to know what lighting you used for this shot. Keep posting!

Timo Hartikainen
Wow! nice colors, blue background / red clothing.

Detlef Klahm
nice pose! Curves and slightly droped top gives this a certain sensuality.

John Peri
Jim, she's standing in the doorway on the balcony with natural light outside.

Luan Van
nice shot I like the tan line on her...adds contrast to the bright red...very nice and sexy.

Bart-W. van Lith
Great, but.... It's a great photo and a great model (everything from exposure, saturation to stance and her natural attitude is well done), except for the fact that the tan line on her breasts (being partially uncovered) brings the 'chique-ness' of this wonderful photo down again. Shame. It doesn't need any nakedness to be powerful & sexy.

David Vatovec
Very nice composition and colors! If only the model would have an integral tan - the markings of the bathing suit were not that white,..

George Vincent
I'm impressed with such a nice exposure using natural light. The pose is excellent. I agree about the tan line. Oh well, you don't want perfection, do you? :)

T. Duane Jones
Stylish & Sexy Brilliant colors, beautiful model... she portrays the "just off the beach look." Absolutely gorgeous.

Frunze Verdi

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