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by Root Carl

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Published: Sunday 1st of September 2002 01:44:22 AM


Carlos A. A. Pereira
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 Surreal! I like it. Well done Carl.

Carl Root
Thank you all for your kind words. It's my favorite, but oddly it isn't getting rated as highly as several others. I liked the leaves and the small amount of backlit yellow. As Rhett mentions, part of the fun here is to create shadows with side lighting, then go to the other side and fill the shadows with another color. There is actually a lot of foreground detail on an 11" X 11" print. I'm hoping that the oblique lines on the right are not too disconcerting and that the strong vertical left of center more than compensates.

Irving Thalburg
Nice job, Carl. Wonderful execution of technique and style. The yellow glow in the center is not only pleasing to the eye, but balances well with all of the other colors. The falloff of light towards the bottom is just right. Well seen.

Marc G.
This one is the one that works best for me in the red yellow series. I find the little bit of blue isn't breaking the composition as it does (slightly) in some of the others. Still. The holes are dead here and only the excellent composition and beautiful colors and details hold this together so well. But the red and green, to me, has something more: a soul, a silent violence, a mystery... Here, it's very beautiful, but I still know what I'm looking at and there's no tunnel to an elsewhere... Regards.

Vance Kerslake (London, England)
I love the colours on all the images in this roll while having no idea what they are or how they were taken. Perhaps that air of mystery adds to my feeling that these are incredibly artistic shots. Having looked at the whole roll one thing that really intrigues me is how different they look depending on the size. Silo 1 and 3;2 which I really like in the small size aren't as appealing in a larger size. Whereas this one doesn't grab my eye so much in the smaller size but looks great larger. I think the play of the yellow light on the silo in this one really makes it. The light and shadow and the way it highlights the detail is just great. If I had any criticism it would be that the foliage or whatever it is on the left hand silo is a bit busy. We've discussed how you tend to have lots of lines in your photos previously but on this occassion it really really works. If I had a groovy modernist home I'd frame prints like these and hang them on the walls.

J. Scott Schrader
This one is very appealing to me. The colors work very well. The image really has a lot of depth and detail. The exposure looks to be spot on. This is a very nicely seen and executed image. I like what you did with the gels. You have created a unique image. There are things to nit-pic in this image (keystoning vertical lines, lack of detail in the bottom of the image) but when all is said and done the image works well regardless of the "flaws" and imperfections. Nice Job!

R Jackson
Between you and Jason, we seem to have taken a turn for the agricultural. This is the kind of shot I never would have thought of taking and I think it is excellent. The composition is well-balanced, the colors are dramatic, and the contrast, with the deep blacks, adds a sense of mystery (I think someone alluded to this above). It certainly has an other-worldly appearance. I particularly like the detail in the ivy with the blue of the shadows. I would definitely print this for the wall.

G .
Brilliant. The yellow glow in the centre makes it look like there's some illumination (a ufo?) behind the foreground turret, which in turn is very nicely detailed with the ivy. I would really like to watch the whole process of shooting/lighting during such a project. If only.....

Erik Jacobson
Inspired Carl, Out of all of your light painting pictures this is one of my favorites. I have to say you have inspired me to go out and try some light painting of my own! Now just to find the time. Thanks for sharing your work! Erik

Carl Root
colorful silo . . . from an uploaded roll - please check it out to see if you prefer another one . . . The light intensity varies significantly with each color. Add the distance from spotlight to subject variable and you end up never quite sure what you'll get. This is my third attempt on this subject, and I'm starting to get the hang of it.

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