by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 27th of September 2009 12:03:10 PM


Bob Kurt
7-7 This image has sooooo much impact!

Facundo Jose
Can you just upload photos of this lady ? You´ll make me happy if so. haha. Now seriously, this is a great image as most of your work with this and other women. Greetings from Patagonia.

Jim Phelps
John, It's the eyes, they say she is in complete control, you may as well surrender. Jim Phelps

Maurizio Moro
Yes! Woman is a feline!

Johnny Boje Jensen
hi John Thats rocks, beautyfull woman and work...WOW...

Alon Eshel
Wonderful Ho my god , This wild expression and posing ......................... Excellent !!!

Alberto Quintal
John. WOW!!! So beautiful. Alberto

Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo
Just ... Wonderful !!. Regards.

Stephen Solomon
Great Contrast! Her expression matches the wall in the background - almost abrasive in its texture or in its daring. Her physique matches the smooth marble pillar that she leans against for support and security. Quite a contrast between the two sides (left and right) of the image and she in the middle conveying both. The design of this photo is wonderful - her triangular form splitting the two contrasting surfaces. Her inviting, feminine form with a facial message that defies any trespasser. I find the simplicity of the pose, the immediate surroundings and the exposure against her environment is just perfect. A VERY WELL DONE IMAGE!

John Peri
hahh .. thanks Clemson, but I don't think that is what she had in mind .. :-) I'm going to have to fix this and others that I posted in my absence. I discover that everything I added from my laptop while away lacks contrast ....

Clemson Guy
John - absolutely love the pose, but I'm not sure I'm on board with the expression. Yes, she looks feline and such, but the last time I got a look like that from a woman, it was pure contempt! LOL. As always, you have a flair for the dramatic with your poses and the emotion you evoke from your models.

John Peri
Never doubt .. ..

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