by Jouhtinen Anne

untitled seeking critique jouhtinen anne

Gallery: Wolf

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 23rd of September 2009 05:43:34 AM


Ruud Albers
Nice shot and title, Anne!

Larry Greenbaum
Is this a wolf and her pup? So close? You have an interesting capture here - simply because of the subject - in spite of it suffering from lack of focus. I rate the subject matter as superb; the image is king of average.

Anne Jouhtinen
Thanks a lot Ruud and Larry! Unfortunately the focus suffers of long distance between the photographer and the subject. By cropping original shot you know what happens. Is this wolf the mother isnĀ“t clear because the females of the pack take care of the puppies.So she can be the mum or big sister or a relative. Or then she is he. Wonderful creatures!! Wish you all the best.

Anne Jouhtinen
Nanny Thank you!

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