Nude. Olimpia and her body # 3.

by Amelkovich Igor

nude olimpia and her body seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 28th of August 2002 03:32:49 AM


Paul Norman Dicaire
Terrific image!!! I may be nitpicking, but the tendon (?) or muscle on the inside of her left thigh bothers me a little... as well as the veins in her arms (unless it was intentional). You've captured a great physique very well!!

Igor Amelkovich
Thanks. Yes,you are right, Matthew.

Trevor Simpson
Very nice. I could live with the tendon on the inside of thigh and even the veins on the arm. What detracts SLIGHTLY is that the arm itself is a little too dark on the inside thus rendering it looking deformed [no shape to it]. It looks slightly detached from the upper part of the arm. A tad of fill light on the inside of the forearm would have made this excellent composition into a 'superb' one. As for the model, what a great figure, toned beautifully. Send her to my Cheers

Pernel S. Thyseldew
9/9 Very Nice Bod! Nicely photographed as well. 9/9 for me. Pernel

Guillermo Requejo
I Loved it! She looks so perfect, wow! Keep the good work.

Alexander O
Aesthetics 9, Originality 8 Very Mapplethorpish. Good lighting, good pose. Probably needs a bit more cropping off the top. The hair is a bit distracting.

Gino Qualbender
Right Arm This is really gorgeous, but her right arm does seem a bit "Creature from the Black Lagoon". Her whole body is beautifully portrayed as a well-oiled machine, but that right arm disturbs me a bit. But, then, maybe that's the effect you were going for?

Igor Amelkovich
Thanx. O`k Trevor.

Ricardo J. Méndez Castro
An appropriate title - so much tension in one body! My only quibble is that the lower arms seem too dark, like she had sunk them in tar up to the elbows prior to the photo, but it's only a minor thing.

Scott Eaton
Framing seems off center to me - too far right. Would also like to see more fill on the left side - perhaps move the fill light a bit further back as well as strengthen it a bit to provide some more dimension. This would also cancel the seemingly too far right balance. Be curious to see how the phootgrapher evolved this shot.... Very well executed regardless. I have to offer some dissent to the subject matter. Perhaps it's from the part of the United States I live in, but a female with this type of figure would be rare, if not almost non-existent and only seen on television, or by paid model agencies. Without giving the figure a second look I'd have difficulty discerning the femininity from the masculinity. Just my own preference, but I've never found portraying the female form in a masculaine context or trying to portray an ideal standard as very attractive. These however are considerations on a different layer than the portrayed shot, and somewhat irrelevant.

Tom Schonhoff
Distracting remnant I'm pretty sure that the model is showing not just a spectacular physique but also the unmistakable lines left by the waistband of a recently-removed garment. They pick up the raking light and add undesired lines to a very linear study.

Carl Williams
The tones in these medium format shots are wonderful.

Keld Nielsen
Brilliant work

Jonathan Farmer
You realy know how to capture an audiance. Exposing the body in detail yet keeping it in good tast, this can only be done by a true artist.

Igor Amelkovich
Hal Carder - I`m waiting!

Ikk Piyapant
I love your work?

Igor Amelkovich
Nude. It is a little oil, it is a little water and the beautiful model.

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