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Published: Wednesday 9th of September 2009 12:17:54 PM


Michael C
Very hot John! And what an outstanding model! Best, Michael

Chris Hanessian
Nice work John, although I might crop out the majority of the shutter on the left and add some additional head room. But, as usual you have captured a great expression and tonal quality.

Bob Kurt
Photo of the week! Beautiful composition with wonderful lighting and marvelous tones. 10/10

Stephen Solomon
I like this one. I preferred it was a little closer to the subject. Her expression is domineering and so, I feel she should command more of the frame just to send the mood home all the way. Perhaps some minor cropping will remedy this idea. Please know that my intent is NOT to be able to see MORE of her, but more of the impression of the total image. It is lighted, posed and exposed just beautifully. I like the contrast between the straight louvers of the shutters and the model's curvaceous, luminous skin, but I couldn't help notice how her rib cage repeats the symmetry of those lines. For just a moment, I imagined her form opposed against the shutter in a close up against the wood and horizontal lines. I realize, after reading many previous comments by John, that you are quite casual with your approach to your photography. Some times, I think there is artistry to be captured, that is missed or overlooked. Other times, I think you hit it right on. Perhaps you are not interested in this form of photography, but I happen to view it as another opportunity to explore the sensuality of the physical form. It does require additional time during the shoot. I would even venture to say that it could result in some very interesting abstract images that could provide a new category within your portfolio. If you please, I am just offering my own opinion and perspective.

Jim Phelps
John, WOW is the only comment I can make! Kudos to you both! Jim Phelps

Alberto Quintal
John. WOW!!! B&W golden. Alberto

David Ford
Like the other comments...Wow. I love the model's expression and the setting is very unique. I think the tones are perfect. A very striking image. I am looking forward to seeing more.

John Peri
Thank you Stephen, that was very interesting to read. There are of course so many different ways to approach an image, it very much depends on what one is after, though of course that can vary from one time to another. To search always for the artistry will often leave wanting in other areas. I would say it is especially so in a photo such as the one above, when composition etc may play a secondary role with regards to capturing a more sensual moment. It is difficult to plan for this or set it up. Best wishes, John

mauro longo
Fantastic !!! One word ...

Alon Eshel
mmmm Great shot , She looks like a tiger ready to attack . Tell you the through , I'm a bit scared :)

Maurizio Moro
Wonderful exemple of "the animal woman"!...Ciaomau!

Marc Aubry
An excellent photograph of a beautiful woman.

John Peri
Untitled ..

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