by Peri John

untitled artistic street outdoors photography nude portrait peri john

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Published: Thursday 3rd of September 2009 04:16:38 PM


John Peri
Thank you all, glad you liked the photo and the mood conveyed .. after all, life is an illusion anyway isn't it .. :-) .. it consists largely of dreams and fantasies that we spend a large part of our life persuing, with more or less success. Andreas, I'm working presently from my laptop and often I discover on returning home that the photos that I post lack contrast .. I will correct this and others once I'm back. Many thanks for the observation.

Neil Peters
composition, light, beauty and mystery, leaving the viewer to wonder, perfect.

Alberto Quintal
Hi, John. Really lovely!!! Alberto

Maurizio Moro
7/7! Too much nice, my friend!...and the title is too much right!...Ciaomau!

Bill Symmons
Great image John. Beautiful model and ( dare I say cheeky ) pose As always a wonderful setting My compliments, Bill

John Peri
On a distant spot in the mediterranean .. :-) .. but if you look carefully, you may see the view anywhere ...

Michael C
Lovely John! Best, Michael

Fabrizio R.
Excellent image John!

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Cheeky lass ahead.... A fun picture, John.

Gianpaolo Dettoma
very sensual shot. The only critic is about the position on the stairs, too centered

Fran Garcia
wh can say I...I am without words before this image receives my congratulations John Best regards from spain

Michael Meneklis
I like the center of gravity in this creation. Extra light in the center of life. Women, stones (ground) and erotic passion are moving the whole world. Bravo John.

Bob Kurt
Pure Beauty!

James Youngman
The image didn't need the excellent composition it has, in order to draw the eye... :)

Karl Schuler
Where is it? Karl

Franz S.
lovely view

Andreas Marx
It's certainly great... John, you are a master of what I would call "casual nudes" - certainly not in the sense of "easy nudes" or "snapshot nudes" - but more that you give us, the viewer, the feeling of perfect casuality... This is another strong photo in your - already hard to beat - portfolio. My only - slight - problem is the absense of black and white in this BW shot. In other words I find it overall a bit too grey. I know, this was on purpose, I am just reporting how I receive it

Jim Phelps
John, Excellent Composition. Jim Phelps

Umair Ghani
glorious setting laden with all the richness of sensuous mystery! regards!

John Peri
The right path ... ..

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