The 7 Unit Heidelberg SpeedMaster Press

by Douglas Bobby

the unit heidelberg speedmaster press seeking critique douglas bobby

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Published: Thursday 22nd of August 2002 11:08:44 PM


Bobby Douglas
The Press makes big prints and so dose this shot The Press makes big prints and so dose this shot just look at the detail in this small area of the image enlarged.

Kurt Kramer
How Do You Do It? Do you put the camera on a tripod and rotate it X degrees for each successive shot? And then, by doing so, do you assure that the right edge of one frame is a size and perspetive match for the left edge of the next frame?

Ken Williams ...
Wow .... Didn't realize what this was from the thumbnail ... Wow ..... I rated this for what I believe it to be - an Industrial photograph ......... An excellent one at that !! ........ Composition , color and clarity - very good - I too have worked with a smaller version of one of these presses and they are incredible pieces of machinery ....... I might have re-arranged some of the loose items on the steps but that is a very minor detail - Well Done Bobby

Pernel S. Thyseldew
Man, I wish I had ONE! Very sweet pano dude! I like the extra stuff on the step platform, it shows that people have been there and will return. This a six color web press....!@@! Pernel S Thyseldew

Pernel S. Thyseldew
Sweet Quadtones I'll bet a 200 line quadtone would be very sweet indeed off of this puppy! Any idea want it cost - installed?? Pernel S Thyseldew

Bobby Douglas
Quad Tone's Hell I Could Make a Hex tone or 6 Color Separation For This Thing How Much does one of these thing's cost set up and running with a minimum of 2 press men + all the pre press work and people to get just one job on it. Uh well let's just say how much the press is and what it cost to install it. Installation by Heidelberg will take a least two or three weeks and will cost $90,00 it also has to get here from Germany some how that can't be cheap ether. The Press its self will set you back about $2,000,000 for a six color with a coater. So $2,090,000 later and you still need pre press people and equipment to use the dam thing. Long story short I don't think you are going to put one in your garage.

Bobby Douglas
Me Too But It's Not A Web It's a 28" X 40" Sheet Fed The paper for this press does not come on a roll like web presses, it's a sheet fed press much higher quality printing can be done on this baby. web presses are only 25"X38" and can not print fine line screen's like 200 line's per inch.

Marcio Santos
Did you use a Panoramic head? How did you do it?

Bobby Douglas
Nope Nope and No No pan head just 7 or 8 hand held shot's at 1/15th of a second No FLD filter just a lot of Photoshop color corection to get the green out.

Igor Mohoriè
Cool industrial photo Did you use any filters to filter out the green color of the lights, bacause I se you have used Provia?

Bobby Douglas
40 Inch 6 Color With a Coater So how do you photograph a huge machine and make it look interesting especially when you cant get more than 5 feet away from it before your up against a wall. Well the obvious answer is wide angle lens but then you dont have much sharpness or resolution so why not take 7 or 8 shots and put them together, Not quite as easy as it sounds try it some time you might like what you get. (I Use No Stitching Software Just Photoshop3

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