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Published: Tuesday 4th of August 2009 10:30:22 AM


Maurizio Moro
Again to you and to your nice models!...Ciaomau!

Alon Eshel
This photo is "COLORS" , excellent

Tammy V.
At first I didn't care for that padlock above her head...then, I noticed her hands in a crossed (keep out!) position...didn't know whether you were trying to make a connection there or not?? Love the color version.

Warren Kaplan
John...both photos are very good. I think the richness of the blues in the color shot (obviously) really add to the photo, as does the colors of the geranium plant. Nice pose on a very pretty model. Always helps!!

Raymond Borg
As usual, this is another excellent shot John. Very nice colours and mood. I prefer it in colour. Congrats.

Kombizz Kashani
Indeed she has a beautiful long hair.

Stefano Migliori
I agree with Raymond.... my choice is color. Wonderful composition with beautiful model. Best regards. Stefano.

John Peri
I'm not sure I don't prefer it in black and white .. ?

John Peri
Thank you friends, she is a wonderfully expressive model too of course .. Tammy, the padlock, you noticed ... :-)

Salvador Penaloza
John , what a shot, just great , lovely and excellent contrast of colors, I think it is much better in color, natural and a very pretty model, congratulations // Salvador

David L. Forney
I like the colors and B&W. This one the colors of her skin against the background is very nice. David

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Well done, great shoot. Nice and sexy ambiance, beautiful model, perfect colors and lighting. Congratulations. Best regards. Jean-Jacques.

Jim Phelps
John, The color version is much more formal than the B&W. The Red, Green, and Blue really dominate. The visual tension is FANTASTIC!. Jim

Leonardo Villalobos
great composition of this beautiful model, love it in both versions, cheers

Clemson Guy
John - Just magnificent. I am jealous in so many ways. :) Simply inspiring.

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful, both versions are fantastic, I love the colors and B&W Regards. Alberto

E. de Juan
With blue is wonderfull.

Les Berkley
When I saw the padlock, I thought 'chastity belt'. You probably shouldn't ask why. :) I think it might help to take a bit of the foreground away--I don't think the white band does anything for the image as a whole. Neither does the plastic flowerpot, IMO. Amazing model, and not just for looks. She looks entirely comfortable in a VERY difficult pose. And the balance/contrast between her yellow hair and the blue door are very effective. A totally provocative images.

Kallol Majumdar
Beautiful shot... nice colours... pretty model... very well done...

adrian oostermeijer
Great Hi John glad to see another one of your great photographs. I prefer the colour to the tinted B/W. For me i would have removed the Geranium it distracts me from the model and it is a rather poor specimen. Just need to heal the mark on her knee. Great as always , looks like you're having fun in Greece. Envious as always Regards Aad

John Peri
She's a dream model Les .... the importance is not only whether a model is at ease but whether she makes the photographer feel it is so .... we are friends of course and we have a lot of fun doing our photos.

JF Ochoa
I do prefer in color... by far!. I think this is one of your best. Greetings!

Roberto Rossi
Stunning model John, I find intrusive the vase of flowers on the lower right in B/W, while the strong color of the door is one "must" of the color version!! R

Salvador del Saz
The contrast of colors -blue versus the soft tones of her skin- and the contrast of textures -rough door versus delicate and soft skin- are out of this world, ... an spectacular portrait!

Antonio F

she is a gorgeous girl

Linda Suffion

Maybe put the key in the lock.  Very sensual.  Beautifully done.

John Peri
Untitled .. apologies .. erroneously posted under portraits and removed 10 mins later

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