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Orientation : 1
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Software : Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows

Published: Tuesday 4th of August 2009 01:57:04 AM


Hakajala Abbagish
Beautiful, I specially like the red color.

Pierre Dumas
Perfect ! Great mood in this landscape and beautiful all over! PDE

phil tran
Great shot.

Brendan Trewartha
Wow, amazing shot, love the colors, reflections and sharpness of this photo, should be hanging in a gallery!

Ovidiu Posta
Superb image!

Harry Lichtman
Hanh - While lacking originality, you have captured this widely photographed spot to perfection.. Technically, the exposure and detail looks great. Unusual weather conditions seem to be make or break this type of shot. Your timing was perfect. Regards, Harry

Chris Spracklen
Simply spectacular, Hanh! A winter wonderland, with sparking details and stunning light. My compliments and regards, Chris

Kombizz Kashani
Great composition with good post editing artistic work.

Glen Parker
Beautiful beautiful image. I could look at it for hours... well done and congratulations.

Brian Doty
Beautiful work!!

Elemental Images
So well composed and executed...

Pedro Olivo

Rarindra Prakarsa
red hill make the view beautiful

Chris Pattison
I've never seen it look like this before. What a great capture.

Ilia Pritkin
very nice pic!!!

Hanh Huynh
Thank you for all your time and your kind words. Best regards. HANH HUYNH

Dug Neese
Wow! This is like looking at an old subject through new eyes! Not only magnificent, you have also captured the reverance it deserves. Regards, Dug

Hugo C. Romano
Fantastic capture

Dan Walters

Rasmus Lindersson
This is just beautiful! I'm sorry, but I can't find any words to descride this fantastic landscape.

Gary McGhee
wonderful photo Hanh. your choice of composition is spot on. it must have been great being there and seeing this is the flesh.

AmirAli Sharifi
Superb, I love everything about this photo. congrats.

Paul Pluskwik
Paul Pluskwik Beautiful landscape image. A very scenic view. Well done. Take care.

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi Hanh Huynh Well done, beautiful landscape photos. A very magic scenic view. . Best regards. Jean-Jacques.

Lester A. Garcia

Roger Honeski
Simply outstanding

Ramón Espelt
Estupenda limpieza y colores; una foto realmente preciosa. Saudos

Darren Fitzpatrick
WOW fantastic. well done.

Tahir Malik
Simply Stunning! A Winter Wonderland. Tahir.

Sumon Mukherjee
Wonderful composition with amazing colors. Best regards.

Jerry Beasley
One of the very best I've seen... Bravo!

Ronnie Bell
Ronnie Fantastic pic.

Christopher Schlaf
Doesnt get much better than this.Simply BEAUTIFUL

Mike Schramm
Oh yes. I love this. Beautifully done.

Salvador del Saz
Magical and breathtaking!

Christopher Traynor
I haven't been compelled to comment on a photograph since 2003. All I can say is, "outstanding."

Jordan Ho
fantastic wow fantastic nature in your shot , congratulation with top rating to me more than 7/7 cheer..................................

Christal Steele
Hanh Spectacular beauty! 7/7 all the way!

Laurentiu Draghici
7/7 This is a dream! Outstanding! Breathtaking!

Andrew Campbell

Bill Hoffmann
WOW Great shot well done

Roberto Moreira
Amazingly gorgeous!

Katherine Clifton
I love It !!! 7/7

Aykut Turhan
Photo of a dreamland. Wonderful hues of red break the effect of the monotonous white. Congratulations.

Bettie Coetzee
fantasy The difference between magical transformation into a landscape of the mind, and mere chocolatebox reproduction is so subtle. Hanh, you know how to juggle to create true magic. Yosemite had been turned into a wonderland of fantasy. Toast to you.

Ann Paulus
Fire and Ice The contrast between the red hot mountain and the cold, icy white snow is amazing! The snow covered rocks seem like stepping stones into the picture. Just breath-taking! Thank you for sharing!

Nicolas Boileau
Bizarre that an image can make me feel so warm, and so cold simultaneously . You must have arrived just after a snowfall, great timing! The deep glow of red in the water is subtle, but really helps make the image!

Wendy de Kok

What an amazing scene so beuatiful and tranquil.

Would really love to sit there in real :)

Thanks for sharing!

Alan Klein

Hanh:  Magical and mystical.  It reminds me of those storylands they create in computer games.  Alan

Patrick Hudepohl
Response to by Hanh Huynh

Please note the following:

Bill Tate
Response to by Hanh Huynh

A picture perfect post card photo. However, I see it in four quadrants. The "horizon" line of snow covered flat land across the middle of the photo horizontallly divides it into upper and lower halves, and the break in the mountains do the same thing vertically. This would be much better composition had a bit more sky been added to the photo, and had it been cropped a tad closer to the reflection of the sun touched mountain.

I think too, that the overall picture would be enhanced had it been darkened a little. it just seems too light for that colorful sunlit portion.

Nice picture overall, however. Congratulations on getting out of bed on what looks like a very cold morning and seeing such a scene as well as being this weeks chosen one.

Willie the Cropper

Hans Hollander
Response to by Hanh Huynh

I find that the red in the corner really gives the picture a great touch that makes it stand out. Add to that the reflection in the water that is not completely symmetrical due to the rocks in the water makes this a splendid picture. I actually think that the whites could have been brighter to further enhance it.

Landrum Kelly
by Hanh Huynh

Overuse of color saturation has indeed brought out the reds, but it has also brought out excessive blues near the rocks in the right foreground. One is left wondering what the original scene looked like, and what the original file might have looked like as well.

Posting a resized version of the original file along with manipulation data could make for a better evaluation of the picture. I like the overall composition and effect, but the excessive saturation has given me the appearance of a photo that is more than a bit overcooked.


Monika Epsefass
by Hanh Huynh

I don't really think there's an overuse of red leading to too much blue. In fact, I do think the image is quite balanced, and most spectacular. It is not often that such light is presented, particularly not in combination with winter landscapes.

Bobby Karimipoor
by Hanh Huynh Strong shot according to the composition,reflex and well tones! Regards(Bobby).

Holger Stelljes
by Hanh Huynh

Fine composition, I like reflective shots. It might just be me but the color seems a little off. It may be the monitor I'm on at the moment or just the haze of a winter sky. Still a very beautiful photo. Well done.

Monika Epsefass
by Hanh Huynh

addendum: I've been looking at this over and over again, and reading the others' comments: the red may be a bit too strong, but altogether, with the deep tones in the front and the snow covering the trees, it almost evokes an "infrared feeling".
(and it's rare that I return to an image so often.) :)

Stephen Penland
by Hanh Huynh

Wonderful composition of a place that I'd dearly love to visit. The saturation may be a bit too much, but sometimes it's hard to tell in this digital age; I defer to the explanation of the photographer who originally saw the place with his/her own eyes. I think it's wrong to assume something about a photo regarding the degree of post-processing that may have been applied; there is plenty of jaw-dropping color and wonder in the natural world that doesn't have to be created by the computer. I say this just after returning from Iceland where I saw shades of green moss that were almost unbelievable as I was standing there looking at it.

Sinh Nhut Nguyen
by Hanh Huynh

Simply beautiful. I really like the colors/lighting of this image. You've made a beautiful picture out of a very common photo destination. Congratualation on the POW recognition.
Sinh Nhut Nguyen

Manuel Barrera
by Hanh Huynh

Fantastic job on capturing this image, I would have liked the center a tad darker, but that is me and my four eyes (glasses for the young ones)

Daryl Walter
by Hanh Huynh

Great shot of a classic view. Different enough to ones I've seen before to be interesting and of course with a view like that it's difficult not to like it. I think the people who have commented on the saturation have a point (it's a definite trend these days - one that probably started with Velvia but is getting pushed more and more to the extreme) but I don't find it displeasing in this case and if anything it works well - sort of a contrast between the hot and cold if you like. The picture you've uploaded looks somewhat oversharpened to me - I think it'd look better if you toned the sharpening down a bit (especially on the trees). I'd be pleased with this if I'd taken it. Congrats! P.S. Have you thawed put yet? :)

Ken Thalheimer
by Hanh Huynh

A very pretty scene. The red at upper left & the slight pink in the sky makes it pop. The red contrasts well with the snow

Linh Dinh
by Hanh Huynh

Excellent! A beautiful weather scenery with really exceptional wideness and light! Congratulation! Best regards, Linh Dinh

Alberta P.
by Hanh Huynh

No doubt a gorgeous scene. I want to tilt it to the left just a little. And I just don't see how in nature the rock face can be so lacking in definition. If you download this photo and analyze the levels there, all the dark and mid-tone data is missing. If this were mine first, I'd be very proud but second, I would post-process again. I believe that some of the lighting in the upper half of this photo has been over processed. And I'd straighten it just a little :)

René J.V. Bertin
by Hanh Huynh

It's beautiful. There is some tension in the framing for me, I'd probably want to pan the view a bit to the right (but then we don't know if there wasn't something distracting just outside the current framing, so this is not a critique).
I agree about the remarks concerning the colours and definition, though. The red rock face does look a little vague, and there's something quite odd about its reflection, so much more deep and vibrant than the 'original'. I'd very much like to see the unprocessed photo!

Raymond Borg
Response to by Hanh Huynh

Wonderful landscape and a perfect post card. I find the red area on the right a bit strange compared to the overall colours of the picture. I would try to desaturate it and see the result. Congrats.

Josemi Gondra
by Hanh Huynh

We could title "Fire and ice". The most of the image looks a pathetically cold landscape, with a lot of snow and uncommon forms of ice comming up from peaceful water, but the background of the image is giving the "life" by this very vivid orange in the wall of that mountain, reflecting sun light directly to our eyes. It is a very nice image. I would only underline that I see the orange colors a little too exagerated in the water reflection, where always colors have a small trend to go to neutral or grey. Thanks to this man with the curious name. Josemi Gondra.

Michael Seewald
by Hanh Huynh

I don't think it's overprocessed, close but not. Reflections are always denser (ie more colorful), as water is a natural polarizer and shows you why it's nice to use them so the top can have that same effect.
This one is so much nicer once you click on the image and enlarge it. The detail of the rocks in the river make it.
Well done Hanh,

Marc G.
by Hanh Huynh

I agree with Michael Seewald: not really over-processed, and reflections are of course always denser - especially when you have to set your exposure so as not to over-expose the snow, obviously... Besides that, a nice place and a nice composition. Not really an amazingly original picture, but who cares, at least it's a very beautiful one. Congrats !

Robert G.
by Hanh Huynh

The snow has really iced the cake ! I think you did very well balancing the color and tones etc. The comp is always wonderful as so many photographers have been to this site , your version is inspiring as well .

Walter Tatulinski
by Hanh Huynh

"...Would like to see the original..." . Well, all one has to do is visit Hahn's portfolio and the original is there ; the exposure was about 5 months ago. I, too feel that this version looks a little cooked and a little oversharp but I still like it nevertheless. I'm torn, however, between this version and the original. Regards.

Colin Bradley
by Hanh Huynh

A classic landscape scene well taken, a bit to Ansell adams for me. I would be happy to say i took this but not so happy to hang it on the wall for a while, it`s just to overly prescise and proper. Technical expertise is always good, but origionality is much more important. Walking in the footsteps of others is a great way to learn, but the wrong way to achieve a good picture.
Strengths.....Classic shot that looks good.
Weakness....Been done before, better & not very interesting

Larry Greenbaum
by Hanh Huynh

Wonderful image, Hanh. My wife and I just got back from Yosemite. You have a leg up here because you got to the park in winter or when you got great light and snow. The image is soft, yet really pops. The wonderful red in El Cap contrasts well with the softer rocks at right. Also, you achieved a terrific reflection (my guess is this is sunrise?) and the rocks with snow in the Merced add to the composition. I'd be elated to have taken this one.

Mark Geistweite
by Hanh Huynh

I think the most important consideration is the first impression, this image is very eye catching. There is alot of appealing qualities immediately apparent. When I take a longer look, however, I see many questionable characteristics. In a scene such as this, the brightest area would be the sky followed by the snow and then the alpenglow on El Capitan. What is troubling is the rock faces opposite El Capitan, which seem to be about the same in luminosity as the alpenglow. More so, and something that has not been mentioned, is the lower right, which is almost completely black. It looks completely out of place for a scene that otherwise seems so bright. The reflection of the alpenglow, as well, seems over processed. I am merely pointing out contrary elements from a photographers standpoint. What I see, and other photographers see, probably goes unnoticed to the casual viewer. If it were mine, I probably couldn't sleep at night before making some processing changes. But in all honesty, just how important are the things I have pointed out. As I said, it is very eye catching; it certainly caught my eye!!

james r
by Hanh Huynh

Nice! you can almost smell the snow on the trees in the meadow.
But assuming the link supplied by Walter Tatulinski is the original, why do the trees on the left side appear to be leaning to the right in the original image, but appear to be straight in this version?
And if that is indeed the original image, was the reflection in the water brought out by simple exposure adjustments only? Or is there more advanced image manipulation being applied - such as multiple layers, copy/paste/invert/smooth, etc?
Just curious

Martin Murphy
by Hanh Huynh

This is a very nice image. IMO the two most difficult parts of shooting in Yosemite are:
1) Taking a picture that does not instantly remind the viewer of Ansel Adams.
2) Optimizing the message: words and photos all ultimately fail to show the true magnitude, grandeur, and beauty of the place. To me that is the contradiction inherent in Yosemite; the park is very photogenic so it's difficult to take a "bad" picture there. That said it's almost impossible to convey how amazing the place is.
I like this image a lot and would be proud to call it my own, but I think it fails on point number one. As for point number two, it does a good job.
All that said, my favorite image of Yosemite on photo.net was taken by Phil Hawkins and can be seen by clicking the link below:


Jeffrey Knight
by Hanh Huynh

I'm not so sure the image in the gallery referenced above is an unprocessed version of this image. If anything I'd imagine that the gallery image was done as a "digital polaroid" while the image above is a large-format transparency. Perhaps shot on a highly-saturated film such as Velvia.
It is a very nice image. The colors are very striking and I appreciate the effort it takes to get up so early, especially on a cold winter's morning. My formalist sense of composition wants to shift the image to the right just a tad, so the center valley between the peaks falls closer to the center of the frame.

Jon Hallberg
Response to by Hanh Huynh

My first impression is the the red is just too red, both in the actual and the reflection. It reminds me of many landscapes that seem so still, clear and almost airless, as if there is no atmosphere to effect the light in this magic valley. Even if this were an unshopped image I think the red should be toned down to a realistic level. Its kind of like the advice given women when they dress for the evening. Look in the mirror and lose whatever pops out at you.
When the image is compared to the other one mentioned there are a few discrepancies. For one thing, in the image we are discussing, there is more snow in the trees and on the large branches of the trees on the left. Also the clouds in the valley have changed shape and color.
Putting the two images side by side is interesting. The one under discussion is cropped different but also it appears stretched. As if pulled up ever so slightly by the corners and slightly out, a little more so on the left. The tree and rock face on the left have also lost their slight inward tilt, the rock faces look taller and more monumental.
Then there is the water. A polarizer could explain that, or a different time of day, or a different day. I have taken to keeping the number the camera gives each capture. After a while it is hard if not impossible to keep all the images straight. Especially if its a spot or subject I often shoot or if I try different settings, filters, zoom, a better lens and etc..
A monitor out of calibration or any number of things account for color issues. It is hard to tell at screen size, but it could be a tad too sharp. The blue around the rocks, again its something that jumps out at you.
The haze factor; sharpening can erase some important subtleties, especially atmospheric perspective. If the entire images is sharpened at once it can have a flattening effect, threating everything as equal and putting everything on the same plane.

Hanh Huynh
Gate to Yosemite Valley 03 Thanks for your comments.

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