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by Lomonosov Katerina

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Published: Monday 27th of July 2009 08:48:34 PM


Melanie Newman
this is my first nude critique. and that's because this picture struck me as very original and more tasteful than most nudes. to me, this photo is not pushing the fact that she's NAKED or even that being NAKED is beautiful, etc. this photo gently portrays the nature of a pure woman. and the grapes bring to mind that she is posing as Eve in the Garden of Eden and portraying the way Eve could have lived in her environment. especially since it does not focus on her face, but on the streamline of her body starting from the grapes at her mouth, which she will take in, down to the grapes around her middle, where they will go after, and then down to the grapes on the ground, where they will go after that.

Valentin Mihailov

Marc G.
Interesting... But now it's summer, she needs a lighter dress...:-)

Katerina Lomonosov
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