South Carolina Fox Squirrel

by Dunn Patsy

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Exif Information:
Make : Canon
Model : Canon PowerShot S3 IS
Date Time Original : 1980-01-01 05:02:50
Focal Length : 334/5
Shutter Speed Value : 1/250
Exposure Time : 1/250
Aperture Value : 3.5
F Number : 3.5
Flash : 16
Metering Mode : 5
X Resolution : 180.000000
Y Resolution : 180.000000
Software : Picasa 3.0

Published: Sunday 19th of July 2009 08:43:15 PM


Patsy Dunn
Steve, Thank you for all your helpful input. I agree he probably needs some work. I was just so amazed at his color. Regards, Patsy

Steve Shinn
Hi Patsy, nice shot. That's one cute little devil there. I don't recall ever seeing one of these. It's hard to crop long tailed critters without cramping the frame but if it had just a tad more space on the left I think it would breathe more. Also, I don't know if you like to mess with pp (post processing) but if you wanted to dial down the brightness on the nose a little you could select just that area and then reduce the contrast and the brightness just a smidgen to bring out more detail. Especially true if you shot this in RAW. My 2 cents...

Falak Sher kakar
Beautiful !! Nice capture ,Very cute .......................................regards

Patsy Dunn
Dave, Oh no I took this while I was on vacation in South Carolina, in Tennessee the fox squirrel's have a red breast or most of them do. I was amazing at this little fellows. Thanks for looking. Regards, Patsy

Patsy Dunn
Falak, Thank you very much for your comment. I have seen many fox squirrel's but never one colored like this one. Thanks again, Patsy

Patsy Dunn
Paul, Thank you so much for you comments. Always good to hear from you. I really enjoy your photo's. Thanks again. Patsy

Paul Pluskwik
Paul Pluskwik Patsy, Hello. I enjoyed your wildlife photo of the Fox Squirrel. A very unique squirrel that I have never heard of. Great capture. Also thank you for your time and kind comments on my recent photos. I look forward to seeing what you find next in your adventures. Take care. Paul P.

Dave Brooks
Nice Patsy, you did well to catch this guy, I suspect he didn't stay long. I haven't seen or even heard of one of these before, was he in your yard?......Dave :)

Gail O'Keefe
Patsy, very cool squirrel I have never seen one of these. Thanks for sharing, Gail

Patsy Dunn
Gail, Thank you for taking the time to look & for your comment. This is the first one I had ever saw also. In Tennessee we have red fox squirrel's. Regards, Patsy

Patsy Dunn
Birte, Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my portfolio & for your comment. This was the first one I ever saw to. Take care, Patsy

Birte Ragland
First time I have seen one of these,very beautiful shot.

Tony Hadley

Never seen one like this. Well done.

Patsy Dunn

Hi Tony,

Thanks for taking the time to look through my portfolio & for your kind comment.  This was the first one I had ever saw also.  Take care, Patsy

Patsy Dunn
South Carolina Fox Squirrel Thanks for any comments. Patsy

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