"Penis Captivus..."

by Narcis Virgiliu

penis captivus nudes narcis virgiliu nuduri seeking critique

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Tags: nudes narcis virgiliu nuduri seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 19th of July 2009 08:52:20 AM


Shiva Charles
LOL - this is so cool and funny. Great composition.

Eden Grzunov
Very interesting, bravo

Hassan Ajmi
It is just great image . I feel pain on my .... ! Regards

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Good idea and light.

Marcelo Gutierrez
wow Virgiliu, this is a great composition, the tonality, the concept, the language, the name of the picture, the essence of the result nice work take care mg

Laszlo Farago
Receiving a critique is probably one of the hardest things we'll do in our work. Giving one is equally as difficult. It's hard to do well and easy to do poorly.

Leonardo Villalobos
great composition, congrats !!!

David Meyer
Virgiliu I don't know how original the concept is, but the execution here is superb. Wonderful.

Massimo Santoni
very creative and funny!

Steve Ward
you got the scoop on David, very original, and well done

Fabrizio Jacoangeli
Nice !! Very nice ironic and purposeful image. I like your original idea. Bravo !!! Naturally its a nice B&W from a technical point of vue !!! Fab

Shane Willis
clever very clever

Virgiliu Narcis
"Penis Captivus..." I will be grateful for any comments ! Thank you !

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