Odissi at Sunset Beach, San Diego

by Chakraborty Debejyo

odissi at sunset beach san diego seeking critique chakraborty debejyo

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Published: Monday 13th of July 2009 07:36:54 PM


Bob Kurt
Very interesting picture!

Falak Sher kakar
Amazing !! Beautiful Capture , Great light and colors ................................Best regards

William Staniforth
I think it's a montage , although it looks natural ! Beautiful model and an excellent picture !

Mike Stemberg
If you hadn't mentioned the word 'montage' I probably would not have looked for and seen the artefacts around her right shoulder or around her right elbow..... But nevertheless, this is work of good quality!

Kevin Mills
Nice use of fill in flash. Nothing personal, I find this appealing.

Avital Montagu
Great shot!

Love the colors !

Debejyo Chakraborty
Is this a montage? If I don't tell you anything about this picture, do you think this is a montage or is it natural? Very curious to know your opinion on this one. Thanks...

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