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Published: Wednesday 8th of July 2009 05:13:40 PM


Michael C
Very nice John - as always! Best, Michael

Salvador Penaloza
Hello John, I am glad you are back with your excellent and delightful work, you have the gift to show the woman¨s beauty in a splendid way, you really take the time to check ever detail in the shot, that´s why I like your work. Congratulations and thanks for sharing such amazing shots, un abrazo // Salvador

John Peri
Thank you all. How right Stephen is, of course it's critiques that I am after, I have made considerable changes both in style and content following those made in the past. Often I agree, sometimes not, it is very useful to measure one's opinion against that of others. But no "rules" Stephen, please no rules ... :-) Regarding the reflection in the window, sure I saw it. it would take just a moment to remove, but I like the orange addition to the image. I would have favoured yet even another futher up maybe? Jim, this is sundown in the cloisters of a little church. Reflection is off the walls and surroundings. There is just a little chreno of about 30 mins when there is no sunshine interference and it's not yet too dark .... kept telling my model to hurry up ... :-) .... grrr for when she reads this ... :-)

Bob Kurt
Perfect detail and beautiful composition.

Jim Phelps
John, This is excellent. A beautiful model in a beautiful location. I particularly like the lighting, it is incredibly diffuse. Is it reflected off the side of a white building or a snow covered mountain? Jim Phelps

Jerry Matchett
John, This is really one of your very best works. The contrast of the soft flesh tones with the architectural details keeps the viewer's eyes on the image. and the absolutely soft lighting virtually eliminates shadows. I judge composition by self examining what my eyes do in looking at a work, and this one keeps me looking a long time: the face, the curve of the torso, down the legs to the huge white column to the intricate windows, an exploration of the bricks and I am back to the face, Then I think of the contrast of hard materials and the softness of human skin and then find myself starting over and looking at everything again! I am going to take the privilege of adding this to my list of favorites. Regards, Jerry Matchett

Stephen Solomon
Hey, John! Nice composition! "Rule of thirds" really stands out here. I appreciate how the reflection in the window competes with your model. Maybe I don't like that competition, but it is there. Did you happen to notice it? Your model strikes a dynamic pose and that captivates the viewer. The pillar offsets the subject. Clever! But, not one of your best. BTW, I must say the other previous comments merely skim over the true characteristics of your image. I wish more photographers would take this seriously and consider that you are a photographer shooting images, posting images and looking for some helpful feedback..

John Peri
Jerry, David, thank you for your carefully worded comments, I very much appreciate the input. David, I can't name her, but the young lady is a fashion model and a very succesful one at that.

Alon Eshel
Like a Cat scratching a tree , Wonderful

Alberto Quintal
John. Fantastic!!! Alberto

Leonardo Villalobos

I have to add it to my FAVORITES ever, best wishes



John Peri
Columns The contrast may be off in wioch case I'll correct it later, I'm posting from a a laptop ..

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