untitled seeking critique

Tags: seeking critique

Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Leonardo Villalobos
7/7 I like the pose and perspective, well done, cheers

Paul Aylett
Despite the title, I think it would be better without the foot in the frame. But a great photo nonetheless. Love how you managed to work your name into the water ripples - nice touch!

Tomek Gooseberry
I'm with Paul: the food doesn't work for me. Maybe somebody's hand(s) would, especially if they were 'holding hands', with the other model being in the same position. just back-to-back / head-to-head with the main model (but only hands visible).

Shane Willis
Toe Sex in the Pool I dont normaly request critiques on my nudes, but I found this one captivating and wanted to garner some others thoughts on it. comments welcome

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