Window and Piano II (Statesville, North Carolina)

by Kelly Landrum

window and piano ii statesville north carolina seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: Let There Be Dark

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Architecture

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Published: Thursday 2nd of July 2009 08:16:14 AM


mac gallier
Nice capture.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, guys. It's just a narrower crop of a picture that is already in this same folder. --Lannie

Michael Northrop
Holy Mozart! Great shot!

Micheal Kraml
Landrum, I like your vision, but I feel the picture doesn't communicate it as good as it could. This is because the reflection is off something that the viewer cannot understand; off something abstract. If you could make the reflective thing understandable (visually, not via a caption), this would be a great photo. Cheers, Micheal

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Michael. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Window and Piano Comments are welcome.


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