Stormy Glacier Grey

by Metzelaar Adrian

stormy glacier grey seeking critique metzelaar adrian

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Published: Thursday 25th of June 2009 08:46:00 PM


Karina A
Beautiful landscape Stunning Adrian. Beautiful landscape. At once moody and pure.

Stephen Penland
Great light, and yes, it enhanced the mood. Very nice shot.

Adrian Metzelaar
Rocks Hi everyone, Thanks for all the lovely comments. Larry - I can assure you the rocks were not placed by me on to the ice - this would involved wading through glacial water and attempting to attach rocks to a moving iceberg. I agree that they do look like they have been placed though. Thanks for your comment! Adrian

Larry Greenbaum
Adrian, This is wonderful. My wife and I were at Torres Del Paine last year, but we didn't make it to Glaciar Grey. The only negative in my opinion are the rocks that look as if they were placed on the ice floe in the foreground. They make the image look a bit artificial to me and dominate too much of the scene. This is why I rated the image 5/5. May we both be fortunate to return to Torres and Chilean Patagonia.

Adrian Metzelaar
Stormy Glacier Grey Bad weather (as usual) in Torres del Paine, Chile but I don't think that matters - it all adds to the mood. What do you think? Please view large. Thanks for looking

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