Shadow play

by Soini Hannu

shadow play seeking critique soini hannu

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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

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Published: Tuesday 23rd of June 2009 10:31:37 PM


Hannu Soini
Thank you for commenting! I am glad you like the photo. The foto is taken in the archipelago closer to Sweden - outmost part of the archpelago as we call it. During the midsommar days the weather changes rapidly and creates lots of light phenomenon - so this is only one catch when the light changes...:) BR Hannu

Drew Bayless
Shadow play !!!!

Denis Fistanic
Hannu, great photo. Congrats....

Hannu Soini
Thank You Denis! I appreciate that You like the photo. BR Hannu

Linda McLellan
Hannu, i like this very much! i was trying to figure out what made those wonderful shadows. then i found your attachment. great eye to have seen this!

Hannu Soini
Thank you Linda! For commenting - I am glad you like the photo and brought up the circumstances how the photo was taken. Actually the "thanx" goes to Drew who expressed his interest and appreciation when looking at it. At the same time he made me understand how then the two photos together first complete each other and secondly help understanding the conditions, which made it possible to me to document the shadow play:) BR Hannu

Hannu Soini
Crossing shadows Shadow play. C&C

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