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by Sousa Dias Nana

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Published: Friday 9th of August 2002 10:49:19 PM


Tom Grubbe

Did you give up your P67II for a digital? I sure hope not. This shot shows such ultimate care and attention to detail, I'm just blown away...(10)

Verna Bice
Strong Profile Very strong profile, nicely done! V.Bice

John Orr
two great 9s WONDERFUL!!! My only small suggestion is I wish I could see just a wee bit more of the forehead area. I hope we see more great B/W images up here

Igor Amelkovich
Pleasantly. It would be desirable will touch.

Miguel Monteiro
Reconheci-o pelo menos. Mais uma vez uma bela foto.. Parabens

Axel Cordes
10/10 Fantastic It's a long time ago, that I found a image here which I was urged to rate. This one is simply great. So simpl, so much emotion.

Antonio Araujo
Excelente (10/10) Os meus parabéns, a fotografia é excelente... Já tinha visto agum dos teus trabalhos naquele site português de fotografia. E nesta fotografia reconheci logo de quem era. A tua abordagem é muita própria e uma expressão profunda. Isto é fotografia. Aproveito para convidar-te a ver algumas das minhas fotografias e gostava de um comentário teu sincero, talvez tivesse pistas novas. Abraço António Araújo

Patrick (Washington, DC)
excellent execution and powerful contrast. i like it a lot.

Antonio Araujo
This image deserve to be photo of the week. Very goooood.

Jeremy Smith
Umm, great photo, but why is there a Backstreet Boys song file attached to an above comment? It leads me to another question: was that really coffee that I just finished drinking?

Detlef Klahm
love how wet the skin looks ( was she just wet from the water or did you use oils?)...perfect image!

Martin O'Brien-Kelly
This is absolutely stunning! So sensual! As soon as I spotted this I was moved. What dramatic highlights on the soft tone of her face. How did you keep the water dark? My only thought is that I also want to see more of her forehead. Thank you!

thank you for the fotos.....

Paolo Cozzaglio
Nana Excellent portrait! It's so sensual in this light... Brava!

Steve Mark

David Stanton
marc sorry dont agree with mark i think the dark base of picture holds the picture in and gives it shape, this is a top pic for me

Joe Tackett
This photo is one in a million!!!!!!!!! Great job....

Eliot Park

Backstreet Boys

Marc G.
Not quite sure whether I'm right or wrong here, but I really don't share everybody's enthusiasm about this image. I mean, your POW shot was imo miles above this one emotionally, technically, and aesthetically.

First, I miss the forehead too, and I find the crop on the left too close to the chin as well. But then, more importantly, the profile itself isn't very appealing with the strong shine of the water on the skin. The hair on the face are also too heavy imo, and what could have meant peace is now kind of stressful imho.

Finally, the dark edge at the bottom, at water level, tells me that there has been too much light above water, and too little under the water level. I find this dark bottom border really disturbing, and it ruins the last hopes one could have to feel some peace here, while it is also quite prejudicial at aesthetical level. To me, this image is one of the weakest you have uploaded so far. Your POW was a 9 and a 10 for me, so I guess this would be a pair of 7s... Just my honest opinion. Regards.

Maarten van Hoven
Why no tittle??? :)

Venkat Iyer
striking very very good.

Pierre Lewis
Sensual and intense, magnificent.

Robert Stewart
Wow I would like to see a little more in the forehead area, but the tight crop works nicely. Bravo!

Claude Gauthier
Great composition Love the overall effect. Find that the dark area on the lower left comes a bit to abruptly.

Robert Tilden
Music and Artistic Harmony Can't top the Back Street Boys music. What a great idea to post music! I think this photograph is on the cutting edge; a work of art in black and white photography that can't be achieved with painting.

I agree with Eliot, this a great shot.

Palmi Einarsson
Just beautiful, exelent

Anders Persson
Original and great!

Bob Douglas
Nice, so beautiful What can I say this is a gorgeous photograph.

Lou Korell
Once again you have created a super image. I am a big fan of your work. I love black & white and you have certainly got an eye for the magic of B&W images. Nice job on this one, keep up the great work.

Raul Drechsel

Duane Edmonds

andrew mundroff
the lips are PERFECT!

Bert Armijo
If there's anything wrong with this shot, I sure can't find it! Superb!

Paul Ferraris

Nuno Borges
One will almost feel the thrust of the foating body as the force that is pushing the body into the light of oblivion. Wet to the point of hopelessness. Cold to the point of numbness. Rotten to unbearbleness.

Carla Maio

Peter Smith

Margarita Draguijeva
no tittle = Sensuous.... i like this picture... it's so simple and pure... greets :)

Matthew Anderson
One among many amazing shots. This, I think, is your best.

Paolo De Maio
Standing ovation A standing ovation for you Nana. Never seen a sensual shot like this. Spectacular Paolo

Could not remember how many times I came back to this image.

Steve Broyles
i've been staring at this for a few minutes trying to come up with a good way to comment on it.... but I can't. I like it very much. The texture of the skin and the inky-black hair and the curve of the lips. Very beautiful photograph of a lovely model. Excellent.

Robert Tilden
No Title After looking at the other comments, why add just one more expletive? This image should be worth a lot. Do you sell your photographs? This isn't a nude or an erotic photograph but it is both. This is definitely cutting edge; one I carry in my mind.

Lilly Brand
Great photo.

Nile master
Nilemaster Wow..I'm totaly astonished !!

Alain Martinez
Some advise to a beginer True beginner here. Great photo. I see a lot of questions being asked but none answered. I would just like to know if you used a flash for this picture. Thanks

eric t.
peaceful...engaging...strong...submissive....all of those things and more...and a damn fine photo!

Ed Sorenson
This is wonderful. One of my favorites.

Shamik Bag
A 7/7 is not doing justice to his photograph. This one does not belong to this world...will it be possible to tell how you kept the water dark? It'll be a pleasure to learn from you. Thank you so much

Shamik Bag
I'm grateful Thanks make it look so simple. But the attention you have paid to aesthetics and details surely took its share of your time. If ever I can get close to reproducing anything like this, I'll know who to thank. It is helpful people like you who keep rolling.

Nana Sousa Dias
Thank you, Shamik! It's very simple... This photo was made in the bathroom, at my apartment. I used a black cloth, fixed with tape, on the wall, falling in the water. The model lied in the thub, above the cloth. I used a Multiblitz head, with a softbox.

Vicki Passmore
7/7 Excellent!!

S. M.
Very good.

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