Phenomenon from depth.

by Amelkovich Igor

phenomenon from depth nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 17th of June 2009 11:03:24 AM


Leonardo Villalobos
8/8 P E R F E C T !!!!!

Mircea Dunka
Nice Work! Generally speaking, yes, the light is (purely) artificial, and because it's opposed to the natural one, this creates a local "studio-like" atmosphere. It can either ruin a picture, or generate excellent results. The first case is easy to obtain. The second... not quite, because the outside conditions can change in a matter of seconds, leading you to dispair. Not talking about the model, waiting for a successful click in cold water... :)) Igor, I like the drama you added to the picture with extra ligthing. 7/7! Oh, and one small critique, if I'm allowed: I find her right shoulder too obvious, too "bony" from this angle, compared with the rest of a perfectly smooth body. Maybe you can correct it, if you feel this way too. On the other hand, nobody will look there, I'm sure. :))) Perfect shot, congratulations!

Michael C
Igor, The sky and water in this image are technically perfect. The model is also technically perfect. The problem is that you lit the model totally opposed to the natural-light scenario. Not trying to be picky here, but it jumped right out at me when I opened it. Had you complimented the natural lighting (the direction of the sun and shadows) with your artificial lighting, this would have been 7/7! Best, Michael

Fabiano O. Silva
I don't think the light looks artificial, instead of it, I like very much the kicker light on her shoulder and arms.

Igor Amelkovich
Michael, I have made it opposite because wanted to make as I want to see light.

Alon Eshel
Stunning Excellent b&w work with superb exposure and light . Perfect !!!

Johnny Boje Jensen
wow Excellent b&w work with superb exposure,pose and light . Perfect !!! johnny

MJ Gerstein
Appears to be a slight "halo around the top of the head." This can easily be eliminated.

Shiva Charles
Great shot

Mehdi Mazinani
WoOoow amazing shot

Angel Pena
Excellent model preparation. I can see the hair done, the flawless skin... The comp is perfect as usual. Bravo for sticking to your style for a number of years...

Kaur Lass
I like the idea - black, dark sky, cold water with reflection and shining model. She jumps out! Igor - you are perfectionist. At one hand I admire that, on the other I would love to see more playful and easy approach. Technicaly and compositionaly you are almost always perfect. From time to time I like to click on your pictures and admire how you have good result with very skillful planning and dedicated shooting. Not everyone is willing to go into so much trouble. You are and it enables you to have your own style. Your ability to work dedicatedly with the theme you choose is what brings you out from thousands and thousands of photographers. Have fun with the camera!

Phillip Marco Vallentin
SUPER nice work ! Your model is lovely, and I am crazy about the light ;-) VERY nice !!!

Igor Amelkovich
Phenomenon from depth. Hot day on Argazy lake. One stobe head with soft-box 1x1 meter.

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