White Mountains New Hampshire Stock Photo

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

white mountains new hampshire stock photo seeking critique harrington usa massachusetts j


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Published: Wednesday 7th of August 2002 09:08:33 PM


Tony Storey
What a fantastic shot! The splash of color from the clothing and the human element makes this shot work. Nice job! Tony

yann quellien
Very nice composition but i think the colours lack vividness. It's probably because I am used to seeing too many pictures here who are photoshop-manipulated.

Matthew Brennan
Magnificent perspective, a wide angle used wisely. The family in this shot make the composition what it is - full of scale and tremndous depth. A very easy image to view, the eye wanders naturally up the valley. Pardon my ignorance but are those ski runs on the right of frame slopes?

Bill Wingell

This most certainly is a sweet family image but for me the summertime ski trails are a negative.  It's a shame to do that to an otherwise lovely mountain.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
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