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Published: Thursday 11th of June 2009 04:04:55 PM


Salvador Penaloza
Hi John, I like her pose and her expression, very good tones of skin , just lovely , felicidades //Salvador

John Peri
Thank you friends, I appreciate these candid remarks. As you know Stephen, I more often place my model in a natural environment, here it is not the case (though haha, in reality it is just the bedside table, with the lamp removed!). I agree that the pose could differ, though I am always fascinated by triangles that repeat within an image .. one may like it or not, I certainly understand someone that does not. As for the model however, she is one of the few professionals that I know and I feel she is doing a good effort here to convey the mood that is recorded. It's kind of feline and I like it but again I fully conceive that it is very personal. Many thanks for passing by, John

Bob Kurt
P E R F E C T ! This picture is pure beauty. she is very good looking.

Andre Torres
Another of your very good photos, however i believe her legs and feet should have been placed differently. Regards

Warren Kaplan
Just a marvelous classic photo. And its classic for obvious reasons....its so effective. Great lighting on a perfect model!!!

Stephen Solomon
Well, yes. It is easy to take a good picture of a photogenic model. I must agree with the comments regarding the pose. The legs appear disproportionate and therefore unbalanced. The centered-ness of the subject keeps me from enjoying the image as much as I should. It is almost like a nude "mug shot". She is depicted, but not very well displayed. Even though she is naked and shapely, the photograph depicts her as flat. In other words, "just another" woman. I commented because of her expression. She lacks the personality of your typical shots. She seems like she has been through this before. Almost bored of the repertoire. I must say that the lighting and exposure looks great! All of it is a matter of personal taste, I acknowledge.

John Peri
Thank you Jim. One of the handful of professional models that I know. Some of your work with her is superb.

Alberto Quintal
John. Stately! I love it, she is beautiful. Alberto

Jim Phelps
John, This is a beautiful image of a beautiful model. I particularly like the lighting and the contrast in the hair. Kudos to you both. Jim

Bill Symmons
For some reason I thought of Vargas when I saw this John. Great challenging pose and I like the plain background, it puts the emphasis on the maodel, which works really well here. My compliments, Bill

Richard Deng
Not really your classic nude if that is what one is looking for. Obviously, there is tension in the image and her body necessitated by her pose. But given her demeanor and expression it is within character. The alabaster skin tones are lovely. She could pass for a statue a sense which is accentuated by the tautness.

Al Li
Super confident look, that eye contact says it all. Stunning.

Maurizio Moro
A very nice pose and a great shot!...Ciaomau!

John Peri
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