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Published: Thursday 11th of June 2009 12:08:47 AM


Bill Symmons
Beautiful friend John and great work as always. I love the hair, it's just right for this image. Best regards, Bill

Tore Nilsson
It is difficult to criticize your work becouse you always have a high standard on it. but I can tell you what I think about the picture, nice light very beautiful model and the contrast is really good. Great work. Best regards Tore

Alberto Quintal
John. Lovely!!! Alberto

Raymond Borg
Very nice portrait John. Well done.

John Peri
Thank you Stephen, she wrote to say that her mother liked this one which I found amusing .. :-) She is coming to stay a few days with me at the end of August .. we'll try this again .. .. have a nice suummer

Stephen Solomon
Gracefully depicted. I like the lighting and tones. I like the position of her hands and the arrangement of her hair. I think the angle is just a bit too "upward" and I don't like the border merger at the elbow. I would either tighten it up or relax it a bit more. Being that it is in your portraits gallery, I think tightening it up and lowering the angle would be best. The eye that is covered by her hair is speaking to us. This is a good work! She is a Siren!!!!

John Peri
Portrait of a friend .. ..

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