Sunset, McCormick, SC, 2002

by Kelly Landrum

sunset mccormick sc seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Wednesday 10th of June 2009 08:06:37 PM


Bettie Coetzee
fan Like an enormous sky fan to wave the sun goodbye. Beautifully seen, Landrum. I wondered whether whether just a titbit of emphasis on that bottom triangular starting point of the 'fan' to the left of the front electrical pole wouldn't enhance the already stunning scene further. I might also consider sharpening the outlines of the reliefs of the trees, buildings and poles a bit. But maybe all this interference might disturb the overall sublime feeling? Toast

David Meyer
Hi Lannie Very fine photo you've posted here. Full of energy and life, yet foreboding in a Biblical way. Except, they didn't have telephone poles in the Bible. Did they? ☺☻☺

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Bettie, but I am not sure what you mean by a bit of emphasis on that part. Do you mean dodging it, or are you implying something about the crop or the composition? --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Ha! Thanks, David. I sure didn't think of anything biblical while shooting this one, but I suppose that it could be taken to be an omen or portent of something, I know not what. With Moses' direct link to God, who needed telephones? --Lannie

David Orea
Beautiful capture, Landrum. The silhouettes, clouds and colors are unique. Excellent shot! Regards

Landrum Kelly
David, I am so sorry now that I never got around to responding to your comment before your death. --Lannie

Michael Chang
Goodness, Lannie... didn't learn of David's passing until this thread. I'm saddened. Bless his heart.

Tom Wiggins

Lannie: Great color.  Tom

Jamie Kraft

"The final frontier."

it's big!

Landrum Kelly
Sunset, McCormick, SC, 2002 ..

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