Road to the Brushy Mountains

by Kelly Landrum

road to the brushy mountains kelly landrum

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Published: Sunday 7th of June 2009 02:42:43 PM


Pnina Evental
Lannie Nice" clean" execution, with a good vanishing point.The yellow lines are adding to the composition of mostly green tones of surrounding. It is not very original, but who cares, it is very hard to be original nowadays.... ;-))

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Pnina. For me it is just a souvenir of a day alone with my camera near the mountains closest to my house. I did have good light on this one and so did not have to boost saturation or add any red. --Lannie

W J Gibson
looks perfect to me, btw how are thing swith you this Spring?

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Haig. Yes, I confess that this one was mostly about memories. It is amazing to me that my solitary days out taking pictures can sometimes be so memorable for me. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Bill. Things are fair to middling here. I hope that things are going well with you. --Lannie

Haig Tchamitch
I think people spend too much time trying to be original.. reminds me of a chef at a very fancy and expensive restaurant that was serving the foie gras appetizer with some sort of peanut butter sauce.. ($20) and no jelly either :-).. But I digress.. the shot looks great, nicely composed and executed, it's very pleasing to look at, and on the plus side, it probably has some memories that it will evoke for you :-) Cheers, Haig

Jack McRitchie
Good to see you posting again, Lannie. This is a really a well observed and executed picture. The lines in it are so clean and the curve just spirals you in.

Valentyn Odnoviun

I like that a lot that photo, because You did that in Your own way!!! Very well done work! With respect, Valentyn

Landrum Kelly

Thank you, guys.

Valentyn, I hope that your prognosis is good.


Liz Weisiger
Hello, Lannie. Once again you make me want to go where you photograph. I love the feeling that this is a quiet area to get lost in your thoughts. There is something special about being in the mountains during the summer.

Tom Wiggins

Lannie:  Good composition, makes me want to drive the road and see what's around the bend.  Tom

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