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Gallery: The other side of the street ....

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Published: Sunday 7th of June 2009 12:40:22 AM


Mark Harris
There must have been some interesting comments too:-) I can't imagine New Yorkers not saying something.

Richard Deng
Mon dieu!

John Peri

Bill Symmons
Only in New York.

Jim Phelps
John, She is beautiful and the composition is hilarious! This reminds me of Allen Funt's movie "What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?". Kudos to you both. Jim Phelps

David Noble
A touch of class.

Bob Kurt
Absolutely Beautiful!

Alon Eshel
The one I love most is No' 2 . Love the way that men give half a look in her direction

mauro longo
Fantastic !!!

Antonio F
really amazing

Alberto Quintal
John. This is better yet!!! Alberto

John Peri

John Peri
In a street scene later, three construction workers applauded by clapping their hands, no whistles, nothing ....

Warren Kaplan
I know the 8th St Station and you've caught it more beautifully than I've ever seen it!! Seriously....nice black and white photo giving a fresh look to what we New Yorkers would otherwise think of as an everyday part of life. Pretty model too.

John Peri
That is what they said to me about New York... :-)

John Peri
Well, I think the model has the guts .. I have the easy role .. :-)

Clemson Guy
Nice image John. Always pushing it. Try to stay out of trouble. :)

Yiorgos Stavropoulos
congrats for your guts my friend ;)

Maurizio Moro
Wonderful sequence! I think in Italy this's an impossible thing!...Ciaomau!

Neil Peters
so impressive that the model is fearless, and beautiful, but awake for a shoot at 7am.... now that is special. love this series.

Antonio F

The New Yorkers are not impassive and not interested at  such beauty.


John Peri
Subway lower Manhattan, 7.00 AM People commuting to work ..

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