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Published: Saturday 6th of June 2009 11:35:08 AM


Bob Kurt

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Nice shoot, very good and creative scene, funny and sexy atmosphere. This photo is not better in color instead B&W !!!!! Best regards Jean-Jacques

John Peri
Early morning when people go to work ..

Mark Harris
John, you and your model are braver then I. I've walked around the city often and thought about just what you have been posting but haven't had the nerve yet. I like this fun image alot.

Warren Kaplan
I really love the photo. It makes a New Yorker think of all kinds of different possibilities for the minutes just before and just after the shot. If you do it again have a Metrocard in her hand. "Did she just get off a subway train dressed (undressed really) that way??" Of course the black and white, the lines of the handrails leading the eye down the stairs from whence she came, the station sign and the corrigated security shade on the left of the photo make this a wonderful work!

Alessandro Della Casa
Yesss !

Spider Seventy one
Nice photo! When I miss the Union Sq stop on the way to work, I end up at the 8th St stop! What time of day was this taken? It is usually a busy stop.

Bill Symmons
Oh my, Commuter heaven!! And in a New York subway John, Was it rush hour? Good shot, Fun and interesting My compliments, Bill

Alberto Quintal
John. Excellent!!! Alberto

Mark Keefer
Just another day in New York. ;)

John Peri
.. and then the people start to stream out to go to work .. to follow

John Peri
Thank you Jur. This was taken during a morning rush hour, a follow up to this shot with all the people streaming out of the subway may be seen here ... http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=9301509 .. not unsurprisinlgy, people brushed shoulders with her, no one noticed.

Jur Bos
Shoot Amazing shoot, great daring model as well, at what time did you take these pictures? Trying to set something like this up here as well, would be fun, hope my model is as daring as yours was. Cheers, Jur

John Peri
Subway, Manhattan ..

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