by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Tuesday 2nd of June 2009 03:35:50 PM


Alberto Quintal
John WOW! I am agree with you, I like the both styles. Alberto

Bob Kurt
A very beautiful picture

Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo
Excellent ... Regards.

Jim Phelps
John, My preference is for the cropped version. This is because it looks more like it was done in a studio. Jim Phelps

Stephen Solomon
All I could think of was "What a great lamp!" Is she available in pairs?? Thanks, but I really don't need the shade. Wonderful, fun idea and great simplicity of composition, even in the uncropped version. I like that the shadows are not obvious and the tones are excellent. Beautiful!!!!!

John Peri
It may be preferred like this ..

Brian Doty
Very nice overall. Love the pose and composition. To me the original version is much more appealing than the cropped version.

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Very good work. I prefer the original post (no crop).

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, I am also attaching the original size for you. Rgds.

John Peri
Thank you my friend, it's fine like that too. I left the bed on purpose, just a matter of taste I guess, though it's not necessarily better .. however, the contrast is off in the original, I was on my laptop. Just came home, I will correct that.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, I think you will not mind if it looks like this and also It will not becomes too simulated studio like for you ... Rgds.

Tammy V.
What an awesome idea. A beautiful sculpture for the bedside table...fantastic! I might crop out the closet (?) door...definitely leave the bed, though.

Robert Gordon
I prefer the original image because it affords a greater sense of place. The cropped image could have been taken anywhere. But, then, I'm partial to environmental portraiture.

Richard Deng
Great pose, she resembles a sculpture.

Salvador Penaloza
Both versions are excellent , maybe the first one is closer to your style, you do have an excellent eye to capture the women´s beauty either in color or B&W, well done and best regards John, / Salvador

Raymond Elstad
Marvelous John, I particularyly like the hand gesture.

Warren Kaplan
John, I love the pose and expression on this very seductive model. Both photos are excellent but my preference is for the cropped version...keeping full attention on the pose of the model with no possible distractions. Again, that's strictly a personal preference and nothing more.

John Peri
Untitled I'm on a laptop and cannot judge the intensity of the greys .. I may have to correct on my return

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