Sweet & Beautiful Meliyah

by Forney David L.

sweet beautiful meliyah seeking critique forney david l

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Category: Portrait

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X Resolution : 300.000000
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Published: Monday 1st of June 2009 02:18:39 AM


Bob Kurt

William Staniforth
You are either very lucky or a very good photographer ! The pose and effect couldn't have been bettered !

David L. Forney
Thank you so much William and Bob for your comments. David

David L. Forney
Thanks so much, Calvin. I appreciate your kind thoughts. David

Calvin Nguyen
Sorry I'm late to the party. The child is very cute but the amazing sharpness, clarity and colors you infused into this image have quite a bit to do with its excellence. I don't think the cropping could have been better either. You're far too modest, David.

William Staniforth
I'm going to pinch this pose ! Can I borrow the model ! LOL .

Raymond Borg
Very nice portrait. Great use of available light and superb expression. Congrats.

David L. Forney
I'm sure she would love a trip to England!! David

David L. Forney
Thank you, Raymond. I appreciate it very much. David

David L. Forney
Comments Welcome This was a candid photo in a fleeting moment, and I had barely enough time to get her eyes into focus at 80mm, f/2.8 before she continued her active playing. She was about 3 feet above me. I had little to work with when cropping, and it would have been nice to have a broader context, but that was not possible. Notwithstanding those shortcomings, this child would look beautiful in almost any photograph, and I cannot take credit for that.

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