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by Watson Richard

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Gallery: Alligators

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Published: Friday 29th of May 2009 12:58:00 AM


Craig Philpott
Well done.

Colton Fischer
I've seen many gators here in south Texas, but this one is HUGE! I've never seen a hole like that before on one though? Could be a birth defect? I actually thought it was a bullet wound, but since this guy is on a reserve, there shouldn't be any guns. Plus if it were, it would have killed him. Anyways, Good Capture! I like the colors and over-all composition. Personally I would do some tiny shadow/highlight adjustment in PS to brighten him up just a tad. Congrats!

Richard Watson
Alligator 1096 052309 This is a very mature male alligator that I have photographed for several years in a preserve. I have not been able to find out what the divot on the top of his head is, right behind his eye. It is almost perfectly circular. Can you shed some light on this part of his anatomy? Thanks for your thoughts on the photo and information if you know what the hole in his head is.

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