Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Chris Stone
Hi Jaina! I don't know of this building but I think it seems very interesting and if I ever come to Singapore, I will surely look it up. I think it looks like the back of an armadillos. Interesting angle on a very interesting building and I like that you've done it in black and white. Best regards / Chris

Jaina Mishra
Chris, It is really a MUST-see. As I understand it - the external angular elements that you see cover the glass ceiling at angles that change depending on th eway sunlight falls on it. They open wide or shut down flat across the day. So even from a fixed spot the view changes through-out the day. Even durians - sinagpore's favorite fruit - look like this ! There are a few images of this building on photo.net itself and certainly many many on the net with larger and more complete perspectives. Buildings, flora n fauna are the 3 interesting things to photograph about Singapore ! Jaina

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