Wave at North Beach, Pt. Reyes

by Benton Cris

wave at north beach pt reyes kodak gold canon eos rebel benton cris

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Published: Sunday 4th of August 2002 12:33:55 AM


Alain Robert
I can hear it It is one of the most original image of a wave on the beach I ever saw... as a bonus, the image is magnificient... I can hear the sound.

john s. flannery
Chris, It's great. Wondered how you flew so low. Knew they weren't from aircraft like many of mine doing from 80 to 150 mph when I saw the intimate stipples in the sand. Had to be low level. Anyway a lot safer and a beautiful rewarding image and tasteful presentation. Thanks for sharing. john s. flannery

Anthony O'Halloran
Beautiful textures form and colours. A rare 9/9 from me. (from the thumbnail it almost looks like a mushroom!)

Jonathan Goley
I like the aerial perspective and composition. Well done.

Liz Hillock
This shot is amazing - and the way you did it even better! What a cool hobby.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
10/10 Simply fantastic. An amazing seascape as only a kite could see it. On a different note, I'm curious how many cameras you've lost due to kite crashes.

Carl Root
this is no gimmick. I like this composition and several more in your portfolio and hope to see you on the top list at least weekly. The light is wonderful. consider yourself marked as interesting. I met a guy who used a model airplane to take record shots of construction sites. I met another who had a 22-foot ladder on top of his Izuzu. He said you'll never see things the same again.

Jonas Nielsen
Great Wonderful colors, detail and composition. When looking at this photo I dream I'm a herring gull - I've have always wanted to fly like a bird. Thank you for making my day :)

Kevin Keller
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 Nice. Sharp.

andrew lum
this is a very ordinary waves but you captured it perfectly. I give you a 10 10.

Tony Palmer
I absolutely love your images. Simple as that, no critique necessary. Wonderfully images!

John Orr
NEXT WEEKS POW I bet anyone this image will be the POW next week...Any takers Super shot BTW! --john orr

Dougity B
Picture of the week is one thing, but there has to be a portfolio of the week to back it up. Seems to me that it is almost like Portfolio of the Week with hey, here's a representative picture to put on the front page. This one is a contender, for certain, it's completely fascinating, and the portfolio is up to par as well.

Bernhard Mayr
Immediately reminded me of the Ansel Adams photo sequence Surf Sequence, San Mateo County Coast, California 1940.
So originality is not 10 :), but aesthetic is!
Obviously a very rewarding approach that you take.

Marc G.
Now this is really good photography. I'm not exactly into nature photography, nor into water shots, but this one seems just perfect to me. Extreme details quality, and then the originality of a vertical view (!), and finally stunning light and great gentle colors, with the perfection match of an horizontal curved waterline and another vertical line. Geometrical nature. Really wonderful. Congrats. POW material to me, no doubt.

Michael VaughAn
One word- beautiful...

Dunstan Chase
Great shot Wonderful detail, colors and perspective. Your technique works well. I expect to see this as a POW!!!!

Amit Bedajna
This is the most incredible photo I've seen on photo.net. I am speechless. I guess being an engineer has something to do with it. Next time you plan to fly your kite, give me a call at 650 996 7653, I'll photograph you and your kite :)

Cris Benton
Thanks My thanks to all for their comments. In answer to J. ' question regarding cameras lost to date I can happily report none. I did leave a lens shade behind at Bryce Canyon after an "unscheduled landing." Jaap Voets wondered how one lands a camera without it falling victim to the chaotic movements common to kites on a short leash. The key here is to attach the camera to the kiteline instead of the kite and to do so 30 meters or more below the kite. This allows the kite to fly in relatively stable air while one goes about camera rigging tasks. Bernhard Mayr cites Ansel Adams’ fine images of the San Mateo Coast surfline (just 40 miles and 60 years south of my shot) as an interesting precedent. I have always admired this series but in truth probably owe a greater debt to the fine aerial photographer William Garnett for his stunning medium format images taken from light aircraft – among them is a 1960 black and white plan view image of the same Pt. Reyes beach I photographed two weeks ago. Encouraged by (Mr.) Ashley Hosten’s comment regarding the dark sand I have posted another image from this session that is perhaps my favorite though it may be understated to some. This roll was taken on a west-facing beach within a half-hour of sunset. Under those conditions the wet sand on the shadow side of the wave reflects precious little light to the camera. Cheers, Cris

Bill Ross
me too The comments are as breathtakingly unanimous as the picture is striking. Whew!

Brooks Leffler
Simply Smashing Cris, this the best of your breaking wave pix. Super nifty.

Jaap Voets
After seeing your work for the first time a few days ago I'm getting really puzzled. How do you safely land your camera? Getting it up in the air must be the easy part I reckon, taking pictures somewhat harder when you have to imagine what the camera sees. But getting your equipment back to earth without breaking it??!!?!?

Raymond Zhang
inspiring wonderfully done and enough to make me want to drive down to the kite shop and start pricing. of course one has to ask if you've ever taken your gear down to black's beach :)?

Steve Gandy
Powerful Wow! Very "moving" and powerful. I really like the single-column returning surf. When I said "wow" in my apartment I exclaimed so loudly that I fear I might have disturbed the neighbors....

Kimberly Power
I think this is your most spectacular wave shot. As mentioned previously I can truly feel the wave. I also second the interest in actually coming out and seeing the kite in action since I also live in the Bay Area.

Vince Saunders
Aesthetics 10, Originality 10 So this is the kte again? Dont know how you manage to control it so well. Excellent comp and contrast.

Scott K.
I too was instantly reminded of adam's surf sequence, but due to the unusual nature of the taking of the photograpgh, it gets a 10/10. WOW!!!

Douglas Vincent
There are few images I see that I instantly think "I want that on my wall". This is one of them. And what blows me away is that this was taken with Kodak Gold 200! Wondering what scan/sharpening you did in converting this to web? I ask for educational purposes since your work shows what can be accomplished with good (but not super expensive) equipment and with what might be considered "average" film which you probably use to counter the limitations of your craft.

Alan Yim
Excellent! Extra credit was given to how this picture had been taken.

Erich Rohaczek
wonderful foto

Sonja Hausen
This is an extraordinairy masterpiece! Fantastic work!

Craig Skelly
extremely captivating image and the detail is beyond outstanding for a web photo

matevz skerget
I like the perspective, colours, great. A kite?!

Dusty Marvin
Wonderful .

Matteo Presti
Incredible photo.

Norbert Felzl
great captivate image,an example for good work. ..........norbert

Jose Lacruz
I like the composition. Sharp image as well.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher

Bill Garnett
Georgeous photograph! I really like to composition color and form. Also, thanks for the complement you paid my father and his work. I'm sure he will be pleased to hear he had an influence. Bill Garnett

Nicholas Bryant
the technique and the result is stupefying!! I'll go and check your other work right away

Jaap van der Kleij
Great! ...As good (or even better) as Mr.Adams surf sequence... Interesting approach!(Technique)

Juergen Kollmorgen
stunning ... Hi Chris, I found your website when searching the net for automatic timers because I had something like baloon with camera in my mind and thought kites might be too risky for the camera. Your portfolio of KAP-images is really stunning and inspires me to give it a try. Congratulations !

Édith B.
This is wonderful. I love the movement, the light, colours, composition........... Perfect, I think.

Greg Scott
Just amazing Thanks for sharing this photo. Have you considered doing an exihibition of photos taken with this technique?

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