by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

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Published: Friday 22nd of May 2009 04:48:59 AM


Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John Well done, nice shoot, nice sexy exhibition scene on the roof. Congratulations. Friendly. Jean-Jacques

Tammy V.
I like the location, the model is obviously very lovely...I just don't know though, John....seems a bit awkward to me.

John Peri
Thanks Mathijs, undoubtedly you are right. The lighting conditions were much too harsh and not to my liking at all .. howevver, I am posting from a laptop without the ability to make any adjustments. I will have to see what this looks like on a computer when I get back home. Thanks for passing by.

Jim Phelps
John, Beautiful! I particularly like the "S" curve of her body and the sunglasses. Jim Phelps

Alon Eshel
Very nice work in a perfect sunny day , Her skin-tone is marvelous , I'm sure all the people working in the surrounding buildings will remember this day as "the most interesting day I had ever had in the office" :)

Matthijs Claessen
Hmm... I guess I'm the only one seeing a lot of off notes. To me the light / quality of the exposure is way less than your other picturers. (Those in cloudy / shade / indoor lighting). I understand that's pretty unavoidable in the harsh afternoon light but still I can't not say this. Plus I wonder if the composition wouldn't be better if your viewpoint was more to the left and below. (Or would that place you above a long drop?) Anyway, respect to the model because the shoot was obviously exposed to third parties, the weather (albeit nice) and a distinct possibility of vertigo next to the inevitable chasm. Kind regards, Matthijs.

Michael C
Hi John, Very nice, as always! Best, Michael

Alberto Quintal
John Excellent. I love your style!!! Regards. Alberto

Maurizio Moro
Strange but pleasant pose!...Ciaomau!

Raymond Elstad
Sunshine, Blue Skies, a Rooftop and a Lovely Lady... What more could one ask for... Well Made Indeed!

John Peri
Thank you all, and Tammy also for the critique. it is meant to be something of a carricature/cartoon figure, but I more than understand if it displeases. Thanks again yu Tammy. I will have to look at all these when I get home, they often look somewhat different on a laptop. I will add that there are many of my own works I don't like (a phrase since echoed by others), but I will admit that I like this one. I think I'll put it on the cover of my next book .. it's crazy, it's fun and it doesn't take life very seriously . :-)

Philippe Carly
Very (Helmut) Newtonesque ! Well done !

Jody Frost
Helmut indeed! Homage to Helmut! That's that first thing I thot! Love it John!

John Peri
Lower Manhattan Another view ..

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