Limpid Eyes

by Poddar Rajat

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Published: Monday 18th of May 2009 04:17:24 PM


Rajat Poddar
Iftikhar, thank you for your critique. I appreciate your sincerity. It seems your critique was done even as I was typing out my note to Mauro. I guess it answers the points raised by you.

Mauro Moroni
It's a good portrait as difficult as posed portraits are. The beauty of the picture is actually the clear, nice, honest face of this boy, or - better - young man. His eyes communicate confidence in the viewer, but since the viewer is everyone, I hope his trust won't go frustrated. Technically speaking, the flash (or light) reflections in the eyes and on the lips spoil a bit the picture, but the skin tone is very good as well as the exposition and the focus that is not the sharpest possible, but I wouldn't a sharper one. Mauro

Iftikhar Ahmad
Rajat IMHO you need to take this picture in soft ambient light and against a darker BG.

Rajat Poddar
Thanks for your honest critique, Mauro. The shot was taken in available light in the boy's one-room house, a very cramped space with little space for maneuvering. No flash used (as mentioned under Details). His lips you'll notice bear marks of injury. The lighter areas of the lips are due to that. And yes, there is some glint of the ambient light on this part of his lips. It seems to be there in all the close-ups I have of him. There is glint of a reflection of ambient light in his left eye. The entire family, especially the mother and the four children, have the most remarkable eyes. Amazingly beautiful and liquid. No post-processing has been done on this photograph other than some lightening of the dark patches on the walls at a place or two. The focus is a matter of choosing. And yes, it is a posed photograph, taken on voluntary assignment for an NGO that works with these less privileged children.

Stefano Migliori
Dear Rajat, congratulations. This is a beautiful image. I do not want to dwell on technique. Just a word I thought of seeing the face of this guy: Dignity. I hope that I explained, even if my English is not fluent .... Frankly it was a pleasure to meet you. See you soon. Stefano.

Dimf van Bladel

a very splendid portrait serie you captured.

Kind regards.

Rajat Poddar

Thank You!

Micheal Kraml

the simplicity of this photo is striking.  This is certainly helped by the darker skin.  It's a beautiful face.  I certainly hope/wish the boy is as positive as his portrait is beautiful.  Cheers, Micheal

Rajat Poddar

Thank you.

Rajat Poddar
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