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Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Tuesday 12th of May 2009 11:40:20 PM


Jim Phelps
John, I feel like I have seen these images before. The sense of "Deja Vu" is very strong here. Jim Phelps

Stephen Solomon
It's the "bits and pieces" that make up life. And, sometimes, that is all you get, so be thankful! Keep adding, where ever you can and you'll be amazed at the end results! Wonderful, the second image too!

John Peri
yesterday 5.00 PM Backstage file : .. bits and pieces .. to be added to.

John Peri
Meaningless little moments Michael, but it is the sum of these that one remembers .. sorry, some are dark/contrasted, some not .. I''m posting from a laptop and I have no idea what I am doing .. please bear with me, I'"ll correct these when I get back home.

John Peri

Alberto Quintal
John Excellent shots, really good detatils and colors, I like back stage photos. Regards. Alberto

Alon Eshel
What I love in this photo is her expression , Very powerful and dramatic

Brad Kim
Excellent compositional arrangement, John.... Beautiful work!

Sweid Sideris
Here I can appreciate two different photos. The first, this one with you as the necessary author suddenly intruding the "camerino" catching a spark of intimacy of the model. The second one is the right half of this image, with her captivating meditative expression, I mean, her gaze lost in her thoughts. Perhaps. Who knows. But I like to fly with mi imagination, and your photos are a perfect vehicle for that..

Marta Eva LLamera
Interesting self... Best Regards.

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