by Jouhtinen Anne

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Published: Monday 11th of May 2009 10:44:00 AM


Theodore Mattas
Hi Anne...I look at this photo and think...what a pitty you didn't have a bigger lens that day! The timing is perfect, this "landing" procedure is very dynamic and compelling...but the fact that you couldn't fill your frame with the birds is a bit problematic. I would also add that the lens you used suffers from serious chromatic aberration. Watch out the purple color on the wings of the second and third swan, this is a common problem found in non professional lenses particularly when one takes shots of very bright-white objects. Regards, Teo

Anne Jouhtinen
Hi Teo, thanks for the post. It´s real what you commented; I got quite many beautiful shots with purple wings and tail, unfortunately. The shot is also unclear because it´s cut from a larger photo. But I loved the timing and wanted to show it. Have a wonderful summer ahead, take care!

Anne Jouhtinen
Landing... Thanks for comments and ratings!

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