Big Cat Floating...

by Tsoi Wilson

big cat floating samutprakarn tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 31st of July 2002 02:20:38 AM


John Orr
YES Another real photo! Stunning colors and composition. Your image is another example of the distinction between the uninspiring and maladroit digital mishmash images on that are tainting real photographic genius that we used to see here on As I stated elsewhere your talent behind the lens is far more competent and inspirational than those that work synthetically behind a keyboard. Thanks for sharing. –john orr

Fred Kamphues
Great shot. Focused on the eyes, nice contrast of green and orange, and perfect composition. I hope for you this shot was made in a zoo :-)

Jaap Voets
Very nice! I really like the contrast between the green and red. Where do you get this close to a tiger without a fence in between?

Wilson Tsoi
I was on a megabuck, safari photo trip in...well, I wish. It was only a trip to the zoo with wife and kids last winter vacation in Thailand. BTW, thanks for the "photoshopping" job attached, looks great. However, I prefer to leave things the way they are from "actual encounters" (may sounds old fashion in the age of PShop.) Question remains, what's more important to YOU, composition, colors, subject matter, etc.?

Cesar Gamez
I usually not touch other photos to explain what I think, but in this case it will make things simpler to me. I would just recommend to make some cropping, the thumbnail looks great, but at large view, the lack of DOF from the top and dark area are just too much (for me). A slight sharpening will enhance some details. A really nice shot, poster-style. (Please see attached image). Regards,

Paul Rebmann
Very fine ! 9/9 For me, color and composition are the most important. I like the saturated green stuff floating on the water. A cool shot,well done , keep up the good work ! Paul

Elias Juusola
Aesthetics 8, Originality 9 A cat in the water?? you don't see that too often, do you? I'd like it even more if it was sharp throughout the whole picture...

Sean Kervin
Aesthetics 6, Originality 5 I feel it could really benefit from a tighter crop. The body of the tiger leads your eye away from the face and is a bit distracting. Simply the face in a sea of green would be a powerful image.

Cesar Gamez
1. Subject 2. Color 3. Composition (In this particular case). Regards,

Color Definately color... the green makes all the difference for the water.

Rajiv Moorthy
comments The best part of the picture is Color. Second would be composition and timing.
The weakest part is the Lack of Depth, just that it is very distracting.
That said, this is a majestic picture. have fun shooting

Kim Slonaker
The color catches your eye immediately. The composition is good, too - your eyes stay right on the face. The subject matter is also interesting - a cat in water. So all around, it's just one very interesting image and something I haven't seen before. I think it would lose a lot if you went to B & W.

Indraneel Majumdar
composition is great and perfect. Vey nice picture. This may sound absurd, but I want to ride on it's back!

Ignacio Izquierdo
The colour is excellent. I know the difficulties of taking pictures of animals even in Zoological gardens. Very impressive.

Sky Blue
Splendid! The best photos continue to stand out!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. Appreciate them all, especially after having it up for over two years. ^_^

Linda Keagle
Hi Wilson Every once in a while, when I have time, I like to peruse portfolios. You have many many words of praise at the bottom of yours, and I have to say, they are justly deserved. It is truly one of the most outstanding bodies of work on PN. Your perspective is what fascinates me, and then it is combined with technical perfection, and the results often take my breath away. You must be very proud of what you have accomplished. Often, when one is so talented, the true challenge arises from how to maintain the to avoid falling into the pit of "comfortable". I see your experimentation and I smile. I'm sure there are many we don't get to see ;-) I've chosen this image to send you this note, because I appreciate the beauty of both the beast and the way you have captured him..... May you continue to find Joy and Excitement in all that you do.... Linda

Wilson Tsoi
Linda, thank you for your comment, and your insightfulness in the realm of thoughts. I reciprocate the wishes and look forward to seeing more of your work. ^_^

Maciej Gawrysiak
great colours, congratulations

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