Skipping Along in Innsbruck

by Tsoi Wilson

skipping along in innsbruck tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 31st of July 2002 02:15:12 AM


Kim Slonaker
I think the figure in the very front gives you something to start with, then your eyes go down the street and back again to the front figure. Makes the image have a lot of depth. You would expect a street to be very busy, so this composition works. The lighting is nice.

Paul Corbit Brown
For me, this is a picture within a picture. Although it would have been a simpler and more graphic image to crop down to just the child and shadow, there's also something really fun and telling about feeling the child's sense of being in his/her own world while we see the world around him/her as well. I'm very fond of this image. It was captured at exactly the right instant- awesome!

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