Gulf of Mexico Florida Beach Stock Photo

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

gulf of mexico florida beach stock photo seeking critique harrington usa massachusetts j


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Published: Tuesday 5th of May 2009 11:02:56 PM


Not Here
Wow.... How inviting! A really well done scene from the Gulf... Mike

Tony Hadley
Very inviting - lets us walk down those steps and plunge into the water - wait a minute - did you say Mexico? Did I hear someone sneeze? (*_*). Really - a lovely shot with special light on the steps, shaded and framed by the Casuarina tree.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Gulf of Mexico I'll admit that I had seen a similar photo in a recent issue of Audubon magazine. The credit line read something like Corbis Alamy RF. While on a bicycle ride on Anna Maria Island Florida, I only had the Canon 100-400 w/ me at the time, otherwise I might have gone wider.

Christa Binder
Jim, Beautiful shadows, sillhouettes, and great colors! This would look nice in a travel brochure.

Leslie Bingham Bennett
Jim, This caught my eye immediately....I love the different textures, the turquoise water and mostly the shadows! Very nice :) Take care, Leslie

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Gulf of Mexico Anna Maria Island Florida Beach photo Gulf of Mexico - Anna Maria Island Florida Beach: Comments?

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