In the sky

by Dam Peter

in the sky seeking critique dam peter

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Category: Abstract

Exif Information:
Make : Canon
Model : Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Date Time Original : 2009-04-24 20:50:12
Focal Length : 600/1
Shutter Speed Value : 1/1024
Exposure Time : 1/1000
Aperture Value : 7.0
F Number : 7.1
Iso Speed Ratings : 320
White Balance : 1
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 350.000000
Y Resolution : 350.000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows

Published: Sunday 3rd of May 2009 12:55:06 PM


Axel Cordes
If it is manipulated, then is done good, as the light comes from the same direction having a look to the birds head and the planes head. In addition we do have only ONE EXIF, so I assume it's really like that - Peter did an incredible job. But Peter: What I want to know more is: How do you achieve to have the EXIF in the TechnicalDetails - I would like to offer that often, specially to the beginners, as they could be able to understand the image better & learn. Thanx Axel Technical Details EXIF Information extracted from file: DateTimeOriginal: 2009:04:24 16:50:12 Camera Make: Canon Camera Model: Canon EOS-1D Mark III Exposure Time: 1/1000.0 seconds FNumber: 7.1 ISO Speed Ratings: ISO 320 Exposure Program: Shutter priority ExposureBiasValue: 0 Flash: Flash did not fire FocalLength: 600.0 mm Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows

Don Lally
Wow great comp. and timing!!!

Denis Rasulev
Picture of a life Wow, this one is astonishing !! Very rare possible and perfectly taken :) Nice from a composition point of view, gives a lot of thoughts about nature and progress. Amazing !

Hansen Tsang
Perfect timing! This is one image to treasure.

Michael Marinier
In The Sky What a great picture. Super shot. Wish I could get that lucky. Very nicely done. Michael Marinier

David McCracken
Comments! It seems a lot of the people commenting on this photograph seem to think this is a single unaltered shot. Don't get me wrong. It's good.

Iftikhar Ahmad
Lovely coincidence and you were able to visualize and quick to act. All the technicals are good. A memorable picture.

Wendy de Kok
Haha lol very well seen :)

Anuar Patjane
:) Just great!

Lee Jianmin
Peter, Very good alignment and creative too.

Axel Cordes
:-) if I compare and the answer seams clear - Doctor Peter - ;-) You put a smile on my face - at least for me a nice thing! Ciao Axel

Patrick Hennessey
Please prove this is undoctored. You've got a slew of people assuming this is doctored. Please make it clear which photos of yours are doctored and which ones are not. I didn't see any evidence to suggest this is fake. Many people believe that because it is so "incredible" that it "can't be real." Well, that isn't evidence and wouldn't stand in any court. Sadly, people believe what they want to be true, not what is true. So, Peter, please put this issue to rest and tell us: is this a composite?

Uzay Ki┼či
wow, great capture :)

Sonia Mason
Brilliant. Very appealing and very well done!

Dushan B. Hadnadjev
Very nice and good eye!
Cheers, Dushan

Peter Dam
Dear All First of all, thanks for comments. I am sorry if any one thought this picture was taken from the right spot at the right time. It could have been the case but unfortuneately not. Its just a "easy" task done in PS by using two layers. When I loaded the image for critique it was off course putt under the category of "Digital Alteration". I can't understand why one can't see the category chosen when you display photo? Best regards Peter

Emmanuel Enyinwa

You know, you almost got me. Score one for honesty. That said, great image.

nelson alvarado

perfectly altered! and creative mind! more power!


nicolaie costel

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? Well, actually, both. I love the syncronisation in this image.




Gillie Bengough

I don't think it that the fact that it is manipulated is at all important.  You have produced a great picture, with a good idea, and I wish I had thought of it.  In CS6 there is a content aware move tool, so you could have moved the stork without bothering with the layers! 

Stephen Penland

"Wow, this one is astonishing !! Very rare possible and perfectly taken :)"


"Perfect timing! This is one image to treasure."


"Wish I could get that lucky."


"Lovely coincidence and you were able to visualize and quick to act."


"Wow great comp. and timing!!!"


In this age of photography in particular, one can't always believe that a unique or fascinating or compelling image is "real" in the sense that it was actually experienced by someone.  It can still be a great image, as this one is, but it doesn't represent an experience in the way that most photographs do today and have done so in the past.  Existing only in the mind of a creative photographer or digital artist, never to be seen by anyone's eyes in the world, is distinctly different than existing in the real world where it can be seen by one or more individuals.  Both can produce striking images, and they can elicit emotional responses in viewers, but they are distinctly different.  Kudos to Peter for telling the story behind this; IMO such disclosure should be an opening paragraph.



edcophot ography


yes, the folder in which the image is located is at the top of the page, just above the Banner Ad.

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nice image BTW


Michael Sulka

Well Done!

Peter Dam
Crane and Jet above Thanks (See larger)

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