Grand Canyon (Pima Point) & Colorado river

by Chakraborty Debejyo

grand canyon pima point colorado river seeking critique chakraborty debejyo

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Published: Sunday 3rd of May 2009 09:04:07 AM


Rajat Poddar
the crop for sure, perhaps a li'l more contrast in the lighter areas, and sharpening...

Doug Smiley
a really nice shot, but the sky area at the top distracts from the overall effect-I would crop it out.

Sacha De Carlo
The horizon line is needed to give an idea of depth, and perspective. I was cropping a photo of the grand canyon this morning and I realized that. This area offers magnificent colors though, so seeing this in B&W is a little bit sad. However, the rock formation is very interesting and you have many shades of Grey which makes it interesting.

Debejyo Chakraborty
Thanks for your comments. Here is the colored one:

Debejyo Chakraborty
Grand Canyon and Colorado River from Pima Point Thanks for comments.

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