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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Thursday 30th of April 2009 10:35:22 AM


Alberto Quintal
John Excellent!!! Regards. Alberto

Stephen Solomon
This is an excellent figure study and ... figure to study. Our Maker is some sculptor, eh? I do notice a line, or an edge along the hair which extends from top to bottom, through your signature and appears to cut the ends of the hair. It is subtle, but I wondered if others had paid that much attention. You could say I am looking for flaws, but I am not. I do appreciate giving ALL the attention to your subject. It is just my observation of detail. Could it have been the corner of the wall next to your book case and you PS'd it out? This model has been known to grace this spot on many occasions. The crop and lighting are very complimentary and define her form beautifully.

Rakesh Syal
7/7 No comments!! Warm regards John, Rakesh! This is India! But all males from all the nooks and corners of this world are the same and stick to the most filthy sites where there is sex they overlook the part of it, what we name artistic study of human/female form. I congratulate to keep that margin between the art and vulgarity Warm regards, Rakesh PS Thanks for your kind visit and support!

John Peri
Just adding this to my file where I can find it again ..

John Peri
Thank you my friend. Coming from a true artist like you, it is very touching. Some people object because I show nudity, but what I try to do is to show that it can be done with respect.

John Peri
Stephen, thanks. Sometimes I'm lazy, other times just plain careless as in this case. I had actually corrected this on the original, this must be an earlier desaturated version, go figure. Either way I am a dumbo !

Jim Phelps
John, Reminds me of Edward Weston's work. Jim Phelps

Robert Farnham
We'd all love a subject like this woman! You've done very well with this one, John.

Mario Lopez

Brave picture,but at same time risky frame,I like a lot because is completely  different.Best regards  

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