Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas....

by Schildt Emil

vanitas vanitatum et omnia rollei sl agfa apx schildt emil

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Published: Saturday 27th of July 2002 10:21:00 PM


choeN .
...yet not many people will be able to spot the sarcasm, inverted commas.

It somewhat reminds me of paintings done by Dave McKean for the Sandman graphic novels, or superhero paintings for Marvel comics by Bill Sinkiewicz (can't spell his name) that has a lot of scratches. I like the fact that you did your post processing on the negative, and not just on the print or digitized scan.

The scratches which work like cracks seem to suggest the erosion of the female's body (beauty?), which will finally end up as textured as the skull beneath her hand. I get the clock and it's pointer to time, but the pearls right in the middle? That is not clear enough, but does it mean the perfection of a pearl takes a lifetime too?

This is how the camera and the enlarger as a tool should be used in fine art.

Marc G.
One of your strongest image for me, Emil... I see a really strong connection between the softness of Beauty, and the Hardness of this "head" under her hand... I also like the simple and bold way you aligned the watch - time -, the jewel - beauty - and the "head" - the result of the evolution of beauty in time... The sarcasm in this image is unbelievable...:-)

James Craven
! don't understand it, but nice photo

Ken Williams ...
Your creativity and talent are unmatched on the site ................... imo

Eric T
Your entire collection show impressive originality and creativity! Wow!

Carl Moonan
Amazing Great work, every image has that bite that makes you stare.

Agustin Barrutia
Joel. Emil, I was seeing your portfolio, and thought the big influence that Joel has in your work, and then, you just mentioned him on this image details=). Beautiful work.

Emil Schildt
agustin.. well - I am not influenced or inspired by Joel P Witkin..
more provoced by him.

Jamie Muir
Eerie and inspiring. I am studying vanitas at the moment and Emil has captured the defined the genre brilliantly. The photo shows the transience of life and the meaninglessness of vanity. But not only this her lighting and composition is so fantastic. The editing styles adds effects showing decay and the brevity of life. This is how i interpret the art anyway. Hope i was near Emil.

david fox
cancer ? my first thought was that she is doing a breast self exam, finds a lump and now is confronting her mortality etc...

Liana Salman
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Beautiful

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