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Gallery: The other side of the street ....

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Published: Wednesday 29th of April 2009 10:27:42 PM


John Peri
.. just fooling around with my models and having fun ... 1/3 of the time taking photos, 2/3 of the time laughing ... :-)

Bill Symmons
Lots of fun John. Kudos to the model for her timing. You could start a separate portfolio with these street shots!! My compliments, Bill

Mark Harris
This is great fun again. Did the woman pushing the stroller ever turn around?

John Peri
People are usually too engrossed in themselves to do that ...

Alberto Quintal
John Fantastic!!! Alberto

Stephen Solomon
This is a great candid image! I am willing to bet the toddler in the carriage wanted to pause for a few moments just to say "goo goo gaa gaa", in other words "those look familiar". I will have to remember not to be too engrossed in myself. I may be missing a lot!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration and chuckle! This image is priceless.

Antonio F
well done you are a wizard

Balthazar Lefebvre Maisch
I was suspecting it and now I realize your are in my town... It's good to know it ! love this funny and special shoot with my best regards Balthazar maisch

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