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Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Monday 27th of April 2009 11:46:19 PM


Stephen Solomon
Obviously, a different time of day than many of your photos taken at this location. I must presume that mid day is the regular time frame that most of your pictures are made here. However, I am guessing that this is late in the day and the sun has lowered itself such that it is projecting through the window that you mention. This is a good image with the exception of the slight un-evenness of the light. Could be due to window panes or shadows from other nearby structures or objects. Never the less, you have done well to use the light to make a good photograph. I have tried this kind of lighting myself, and the biggest problem I have is to "even it out" across the subject. Usually, it is best to provide some sort of diffuser, like a sheer curtain, or a very thin white sheet, over the widow where the light is entering. Aside from the lighting concerns, she has posed beautifully and the composition is very well arranged. This stairway has provided many miles in your photographic journey! You know, sometimes I wish I could be a tenant in your building. The scenery is gourgeous!!!!!!!!!

Jody Frost
Perfect! Johnny! Nothin' to improve on here my dear! She's graceful, perfectly posed, soft flattering light, great setting, nice balance between the railing, the window with the wrought iron and the carpet runner with her comely shape anchoring all the elements, It's an entirely harmonious composition! ;-0

Jerry Matchett
John, I think you have picked a location with lighting that is difficult. I have run into similar problems in a wooded outdoor location where the trees allow only speckled light and shade to reach the forest floor. The (in my opinion great) photographer William Mortensen called this kind of lighting situation "butchery by light" and suggested avoiding it. Have you tried photographing here on both a sunny and an overcast day to see how the lighting differs? Then, of course, the big question always is "What did you see about this location and what did you desire from it?" Only you know this. The fact that you are soliciting opinions suggests that you are not getting in the image what you saw in your mind. It is hard to make valid suggestions when I don't know your goals. Regards, Jerry

James Baeza
There is always room for improvement no matter how good something may be. Although this may not, in my humble opinion, be one of your best ever it is still a lovely image. The environment. The gradient over the model. It sets a great mood. Nicely done in my opinion.

Tammy V.
You say you keep trying this pose, John...is there something you feel is lacking? I think the lighting is especially lovely. The model seems at ease...as if she's waiting for someone. I find it quite pleasing. T.

Les Berkley
Stylish and perfectly, um, exposed. Great location.

Raymond Borg
John, this is another superb nude as usual. You're really a master in artistic nudes. Very well done.

James Baeza
Very nice John. I like the post processing as well. Really enhances the beauty of the model.

John Peri
Thank you friends, it's ok, she's made a wonderful contribution of course .. but I still feel it can be improved ..

Bill Symmons
John My reaction to this image is that the setting and the positioning of the model is excellent. There are a couple of things that I find a little disconcerting to me: Mostly your work presents a sense of intimacy with the model, in this case I find the pose feels a little stiff ( it may be the eye direction ). Also the soft light looks to me as if it could be a bit overly "dodged". The shafts of light I think would normally be less soft so maybe being soft is an unexpected dynamic. I'm looking at this on a laptop and if I tip the screen a little to get a darker image, there is a point where it looks better to me. My compliments, Bill

Jim Phelps
John, The pose works very well with this "soft" light. I particularly like the depth created by the slight shadowing. The face/eyes are the primary subject and everything else provides the visual tension. Kudos to you both. Have you considered posting this in color? I suspect the red carpet and the blonde hair would create a different (and possibly as good or better) visual tension. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Thanks, the truth is that you and I are asking questions. The model is wonderful, she is a dream and she helps considerably with my works. But if this picture was unambiguously right, we would not be questioning it like this, it's not. I'll try again at some later date ... :-) .. thanks for pasing by. John

Michael Meneklis
Stairs to Paradise.

John Peri
Thank you friends. What I have the most difficulty with in this kind of picture is the contrast. I don't use any diffusers and such like paraphenalia (imagine struggling with those as well as the neighbours), and etiher I don't know what settings to choose ideally (most likely) or my camera just cannot cope .. whatever the reason, the pictures are usually too bright in some areas, and dark in the remainder. Indeed, this is late winter sun which is low on the horizon and of lesser intensity than usual ... so I play around with the contrasts on PS to try and produce something suitable. I somehow imagine something more dramatic ...

Lennart Goldmann
Merciless A beautiful photo, as always from you John. However as you ask for merciless critique here is mine: I think the discussion on lighting and contrast is beside the point. The problem to me is: what is she doing naked in that staircase? She doesn't look as if she is waiting for someone or forgotten her keys or something - she is just posing for a photographer who asked her to sit naked on the stairs and look relaxed. My suggestion to make it work, maybe: make her lean back and enjoy the warmth of the sunlight on her face and body. Or lean over the railing as if she was really expecting someone. I know I don't always succeed in my photos, but I feel there should be at least an hint of credibility to make location nudes work. Hope this helps, if not let me know - mercilessly! Regards Lennart

Tomek Gooseberry
natural / ambient light only? difficulty with [...] the contrast [...] pictures are usually too bright in some areas, and dark in the remainder -- can't see that being the issue in this particular case, John, but interiors with available light only can be tricky for sure!

Not that I've tried this product, but for dealing with shadows/highlights you may want to have a look at PhotoMatix (and guess what: they are based in France :)

Back to the picture, if I could make one small change only, think it would be more appealing had the model engaged the viewer with her eyes, or looked somewhere more purposefully, like down the staircase (as if checking if yet another neighbour of yours is about to disrupt your session ;)

John Peri
Thank you very much, I'll try that soon. As for the model, she is in fact engaged with the viewer, looking directly at the camera, but I agree it's not quite right, thanks again.

Alon Eshel
Perfect Excellent work ., This is about the power of light . I like the location on the stairs with that window behind her . GREAT work

Warren Kaplan
I've no personal experience in this branch of photography but those that know me, for better or for worse, know that I have opinions on just about everything. So with that caveat in mind I will press on. I like the setting for the photograph but even after looking at it for a while I cannot decide if the lighting in the B&W photo is too homogenized and flat. Yes...I see the wall shadow and the soft highlights on the model herself, yet it just impresses me as being a little flat. Perhaps, as suggested by an earlier poster, it would give a different impression if in color. I like the pose of this lovely model but to my eye her facial expression is one of someone ill at ease or somewhat nervous. There is nothing wrong with that of course but I am not sure if that's what you wanted or if you read her expression the same way. In any event I think its a very good photo and my remarks are more along the lines of commentary than criticism (semantics...I know but that's the way I see it.)

Maurizio Moro
Yes, beauty is woman, and you are a wonderful performer of it!...Ciaomau!

Tomek Gooseberry
no eye contact to me :S she is in fact looking directly at the camera ...hmm, my impression is that she has lowered her eyes and stares down the flight of stairs. And hmm again: at first her stare looked somewhat blank to me, but now I can see some [in]tension in it, as if she was keeping watch.

Salvador Penaloza
Perfect location, good light and excellent model, congratulations //Salvador

John Peri
Thanks to both of you. I appreciate the comments and fully understand the points raised. There is one that reaches closest to my heart which is the look of the model in this shot. There is no doubt as to the fact that we are having fun, just look at the last shot that I posted taken 20 mins later in the street, but even that is not the point here and, indeed, she does look posed. Whereas it's true, I usually photograph girls in a homely setting, I think the purpose is different when you are on the staircase. More often than not, this is where I do the glamour shots .. however here, I was trying to do something more artistic with the window, which is why I presented it in black and white. Quite apart from the challenge of trying this in a public place, and people will insist grrr on coming in and out of their apartments all the time, there is the problem of adapting to the conditions that you find and trying do it quickly, with a dressing gown lying ready close by to the model. I'll try this again one day and set it up more carefully. I would imagine my objective to approach something of the "film noir" scenario, Humphrey Bogart kind of thing … again, the cigarette, a drink or newspaper, who knows … but I agree, a lot if not most of it depends on the look that the model can convey .. hmm, I have a friend coming by on Saturday .. she would probably look right for the part .. :-) I'm sure I've said this somewhere already, but I will repeat it. The last time I tried this, a dog appeared from nowhere and started licking my model all over. He went crazy over her and would not leave her alone. Imagine her lying there, naked, squirming .. he started crying/wining when I lifted him off her, which drew attention to us (presumably the dog was with someone ?) and would not go away. We finally had to give up and move back indoors .. now you add that to try taking an artistic photo ... !

John Peri
Window .. I have tried this before with different models. I am trying to improve on it. Do not hesitate to be overly critical ...

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