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Exif Information:
Make : SONY
Model : DSC-H1
Date Time Original : 2006-02-09 21:12:34
Focal Length : 369/10
Exposure Time : 1/125
F Number : 4.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 64
Flash : 16
Metering Mode : 5
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows

Published: Monday 27th of April 2009 08:43:44 PM


Lawrence Paiken
She is magnificent, Dave - as is your capture of her. Fantastic work, my friend. Regards, Lawrence

Glenn Scheftz
What an amazing capture of this magnificent animal. The colour and detail are phenomenal. GREAT SHOT!!! Regards Glenn

Lee Jianmin
David, I think he is trying to tell us to watch out for that tongue, for the next word could spell blessing or catastrophe.The tongue is small yet can be a dangerous weapon.The tongue is somewhat of a double-edged sword. The same tongue that is used to compliment people is also the same tongue that is used to gossip, lie, and slander.The tongue is an instrument that can do a world of good, yet can damage one's reputation and credibility.Watching our tongue can be much harder to actually do than not. Excellent capture dear David.

Richard Hans
7/7 wOw! just perfect, my friend!

Jill Vahlquist
Lovely capture... It´s both sweet and funny.... And I really like the paws that are crossed.. :) Great one... All my best, Jill

ozgur bilge
nice image.. quite intimacy between you.. and she seems well.. but keep away.. OB

Alberto Quintal
David WOW!!! Excelente leoncito, muy lindo ejemplar, no se si te esta sacando la lengua o te quiere comer!!! Se ve imponente, excelente captura y muy bellos colores, 10/10. Saludos. Alberto

David Orea
This frisky kitten was worried about his throat and tongue after eating some hamburguers. Yes, he confused the sweet ketchup sauce with the HOT sauce. So, he told me : "Dave, coud you take a picture of me? I would like to see the color of my tongue after this terrible mistake."

Mari R
Precioso, una de tus mejores obras, da gusto verlo tan nitido, inofensivo y juicioso con sus garritas cruzadas. Felicitaciones, David, excellente captura. Saludos.

A.K. Sircar
Dave, this one is a real beauty. The colour and shape of the tongue are interesting. More interesting is the background anecdote. So you cast your spell not only on us, but also the animal kingdom. Compliments to Dave, the leonine photographer.

Koushik Ray
appears rather friendly with you! nice take. compliments -koushik

Igor Dmitriev
Nice pussy! :-)

Sumon Mukherjee
Really impressive composition. Wonderful capture of a friendly pose of a dangerous animal. Best regards. .

Michael Meneklis
Very impressive and beautiful capture my friend. Bravo.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
"I bet that most of you have seen the amazing video of a leopard (Lagadema) taking care of a baby baboon after killing his mom." Sounds like the US government, except we can forgive the lion because he is an animal, and does what comes naturally, while Uncle Sam is,..., oh wait a minute. BTW, lovely composition. You caught the lion being a lion, a lazy beast who does just enough work to get his sustenance.

Sally Delacruz
He looked obedient and huggable. Great find,I'd say...

Kaushik Chatterjee
David, Excellent composition. This type of friendly pose makes it a fantastic shot though its a dangerous animal. Rgds.

Dimitris Vasiliou
Hi David. Excellent timing exposure and details. He definitely does not neet the services of a laryngologist judging by his tongue..:-). Warm regards Dimitris.

B.C Okmen
great title and capture my friend.... he looks so innocent .... congrats my friend.

Cherlyn .
Funny write up on a good wonderful capture. You caught the perfect moment.

Adan Wong
Graciosa composicion David. Los detalles y colores estan nitidos. Me siento como veterinario.

David Orea
Thanks to all of you for your kind comments! Spencer, I agree totally with you about how the human being can use his tongue. In the human being any object or any part of his body, can be potentially dangerous. I admire to the animals by their conduct, often superior to the majority of human beings. In the present time, thanks to the TV, the net and other medias, we can see thousands of videos with admirable and incredible cases, about the conduct of different animals. I bet that most of you have seen the amazing video of a leopard (Lagadema) taking care of a baby baboon after killing his mom. This case is just one among thousands that we don't see. I love and admire the animal kingdom.

Andrea Allison
Nice shot David !! Put a smile on my face!! Kind Regards Andrea

Warren Kaplan
Great photo! Don't know which puts more of a smile on my face....the obvious yawn from the mouth and tongue, or the relaxed way the front paws are crossed!!

David Nichols
Nice capture David, I agree with you about the animal kingdom it is amazing the thinks animals will do. Best regards.

Keith Lancaster
You got this one nailed David, just at the right moment....Regards

Jim Hoffman
Great frontal shot and a nice moment you´ve captured here,David! Cheers, Jim

Jim McConnell
A better-than-most zoo photo, hard to beat this one, well done David.

Ramon Romero
Una imagen fantastica,con una luz que revela hasta el mas minimo detalle de esta hermoso animal,con muy buenos colores y composicion.Saludos.

Ektor Coughanour
Hola David!....Estupenda captura!...Excelente definición, (buen pulso)..y composición natural....y muy divertida!...Saludos cordiales.

Alex Milarakis
What a face ! Very beautiful capture with nice timing. One question, is the lion hungry ?. Congrats !

Alex Elias
David that is such a great looking picture. The exposure and clartity are outstanding and the timing is just perfect. Congratulations Alex

Senol Erdener
Hi David Very good work with moment shot... lovely.

Andrei Barbu
Super shot David!!!! Beautiful capture.

Giuliano Boiti

JeffS L
Great timing! Obviously this old cat is altogether unimpressed by his audience.

Zeeshan Ahmed
Well timed Shot Say AAAAAaaaaaaaaaa

Dimf van Bladel
a Stunning image of this beautiful animal. Kind regards.

Christine R
What a funny "pet". Beautiful capture, excellent timung and title. Best regards Christine

Rita Chiliberti
Great capture, David. Ciao.

Stamoulis Theodorikas
Great capture my friend! Ah this hot ketchup sauce... Be well. Regards, Stamoulis.

Bobby Karimipoor
Very good capture David!! I think the lion roaring,but I`m not sure...Thnx for sharing...Regards(Bobby).

Radu Carp
You caught this in a right moment,well done,regards Radu.

Gail Harmer
great and timely shot David....very comical...thanks for the chuckle!! Gail

Jim Tipton
Great shot David. This big girl looks like she needs a cat nap. All my best and thanks for the support-Jim

Calvin Nguyen
Well-timed capture of a gaping yawn at its widest point. Of a lioness, no less. I've always wanted to get something like this but have yet to do it. Heh.

Claudio Castelli
Perfect timing. Very good contrast choice. Best regards.

jorge fernandez
David Una imagen muy llamativa con su lengua roja y esos ojasos. Me encancanta esta foto. Preciosa. Un abrazo. Jorge

Birte Ragland
Beautiful shot,love that mouth.Well seen.

Patsy Dunn
David, Talk about up close and personal!!! Great image, beautiful cat. Regards, Patsy

David Orea
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Thanks for your comments !

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