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by Watson Richard

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Gallery: Alligators

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Category: Nature

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Published: Monday 27th of April 2009 01:27:55 AM


James Mc
Richard, Nice shot. I am fascinated with gators as well. They aren't cuddly, but they make for good subjects. :-) Nice capture. The reflection is nice. Have a great day. James

Theodore Mattas
Perfect "cloudy" light, vivid colors, great timing too. The reflection on the water adds even more aesthetically. Well done Richard, regards, Teo

Richard Watson
Alligator 0835 Alligators don't make for the prettiest of subjects but I am fascinated by them. I liked the lines formed by the reflection in the still water for this girl. And yes, we are relatively sure she is a girl from watching her interact with a very large friend. Thanks for your time.

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