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Published: Sunday 26th of April 2009 04:38:41 PM


Maurizio Moro
Lovely expression for a wonderful portrait!...Ciaomau!

John Peri
Thank you Bill. I'm glad you liked the expressive component in this image, it's hopefully more than just a pretty girl.

Jonathan Charles
"a blast from the past" ? Very nice portrait - a touch of 70's challenge & style combined with the "now" sophistication. Best wishes, Jonathan

John Peri
Hmm .. part of the hand is missing .. does it matter? Some wiill say yes, others no and everyone is entitlted to their opinion. A few weeks ago, I saw the exhibition by Patirck Demarchelier at the Petit Palais in Paris (a first ever for a living photographer) ... there were fingers, feet, ears and goodness knows what else missing, and nothing but slanting walls ... :-)

Warren Kaplan
John, There is so much going on in this photo and the hand is the least of it.Everything from the model's expression, to the skull festooned bandanna in sharp contrast to the crucifix placed in, uh, shall we say, a very attractive position makes the missing part of the hand..uh...dwindle in the mind! Great photo!

Marta Eva LLamera
suggestive... for example. Regards.

Pep Mir
Hello John, you're always a master

Alberto Quintal
John Lovely, fantastic tones. Alberto

John Peri
The models are interchangeable, they often get confused with each other .. :-)

Mark Harris
Sometimes it matters, sometimes, like here, it does not. I used to teach programs for children and always reviewed the "rules" then told them that once you learn to apply them you then learn to break them. I love the expression here. She is also lit very well. This is an amazing portrait.

a c
no it doesn't matter that the hand is missing! maybe i'm just saying because this has always been one my favorite models of yours.

Gary Durington
One of my favorite models also. Wasn't she going to go to school to become a dentist?

Bill Symmons
John This is a great shot! The models pose and expression is challenging the viewer and the head scarf with skulls reinforces that challenge beautifully.The open shirt and the hand with the cigarette all compliment the image. Fantastic work by both of you. As for the hand being cut off. With the slight lean of the model plus the offset to that side I think it balances the image very well. I tried to imagine there being space around the hand and I don't think it would have the same balance. This is one of my favourites of yours John. My compliments, Bill

Alon Eshel
She looks so cool and beautiful with that bandanna , A real pirate . Beautiful portrait

Tore Nilsson
I like the light and contrast here i think the light value in her hair gives great contrast and ad to draw the visual intrest to her face , a great model too. Best regards Tore

Sonia Mason
Beautiful. She is a maze of contradictions. She is young and lively yet wears a sympbol of death on her head. She has a rosary and cross yet polutes herself with a cigarette. I simply love the lighting and tones. Her hair is beautiful.

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady ..

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