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Published: Friday 24th of April 2009 06:55:56 PM


Maurizio Moro
In this case I prefer the colored version!...Ciaomau!

John Peri
John Peri , April 23, 2009; 07:39 P.M. Just back .. a little tired .. hope some people are in the mood to smile .. :-) Mark Harris , April 23, 2009; 09:22 P.M. I saw the original version of this without the spotlight effect and liked it better but still like this one. The look of the cartoon character is perfect. You really do make me smile, keep it up. Stephen Solomon , April 23, 2009; 10:54 P.M. The effect is different. As well, in a few other postings. Not too sure about its use, but for a few images, okay. It could get tiresome. I can't think of a reason to use it other than wanting to mask the clutter and draw attention to the model, which happens automatically due to the nature of the subject anyway. I appreciate these are "behind the scenes", in the dressing room. The cartoon helps due to the expression on the character's face and the direction of the eyes. The earrings are pointing! I must say I do like the placement of your name and date in the dark space upon the fabric on the bed. Then again, maybe I should just shut up and enjoy the view. After all, she is lovely and you are the one who had the opportunity to make the image in the first place. I admire your dedication and perseverance in this genre. BTW, she appears totally comfortable and uninhibited. It's a great shot! Michael Meneklis , April 24, 2009; 01:10 A.M. Very beautiful girl and composition my friend John. Bravo. John Peri , April 24, 2009; 04:32 A.M. Thank you friends. Fair enough Mark, I will post the original one below.. I turned it into a caricature Alberto Quintal , April 24, 2009; 12:08 P.M. John. I love the both versions. Alberto

John Peri
here is the messy photo it originated from ..

Rakesh Syal
WOW!! John I love the black and white version, Thanks John for taking your time and your kind support!!! Warm regards from India. Rakesh

John Peri
Backstage .. Snoopy and the model

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